Ravyn Lenae & Ty Dolla $ign Are A Perfect Match On “Dream Girl”

Ravyn Lenae and Ty Dolla $ign have a winner with “Dream Girl”. The Chicago, Illinois native has just teamed up the California powerhouse for single number three off the former’s sophomore album. Ravyn will be releasing Bird’s Eye on August 9, and it figures to be a stellar R&B tape for 2024. The veteran singer and songwriter’s instantly recognizable high-pitch and cutsy vocals, along with her stellar production choices make her a force in the space. With those things going for her, she figures to make some noise later this summer.

“Dream Girl” supersedes “Love Me Not” and “Love Is Blind”, both of which dropped on May 3. Each track sound completely different from this Ty Dolla $ign collaboration, ensuring that we have a diverse sound palette on our hands. The tandem we got over a month ago was fantastic, and this solo drop is equally impressive. On “Dream Girl”, Ravyn and Ty are singing about the feelings they get when they meet that special someone over a creative instrumental. It blends a beautiful guitar loop with a groovy drum pattern that will make you want to dance the night away. Additionally, for a first-ever team-up, they sound like they have worked together for decades. “Dream Girl” is addicting as hell, and it figures to be in constant rotation for us going forward.

Givin’ into temptation (Okay)
I’m pulling up, send a location
Babygirl, I’m on my way
You say you wanna lеave LA, okay
We can stop for the weekеnd, yeah
Focus on your mind, what you thinkin’? Yeah