Young Thug’s Kids Threaten To Wack Gunna In Scathing New Diss Song

Young Thug and Gunna are not the friends they once were. It’s hard to imagine they ever will be. The former is still in the midst of a RICO charge, and the latter has walked. It’s widely assumed that Gunna snitched on Young Thug to avoid prison time. That said, the rapper has repeatedly stated that the “rat” claims are false. It hasn’t helped much. Kendrick Lamar cast Gunna in an unflattering light when he named him on “Euphoria.” Now, Young Thug’s kids are getting in the act. Admittedly, their reference to Gunna is a lot more aggressive.

Young Thug’s sons posted a snippet of an untitled diss song on Instagram. The duo can be seen dancing and showing off money stacks. It’s the bars, however, that definitely draw the most attention. The duo makes reference to multiple targets, but Gunna gets it the worst. “And Bentley a rat he keep leaving states,” one of the kids raps. “And Gunna get whacked if he don’t leave L.A.” It’s not clear whether Young Thug gave the thumbs up to these bars, but it shocked viewers enough to question his parenting in the comments. Some users claimed that Thugger will be disappointed by the diss. Others considered the legal ramifications. They worried the diss could be used against the rapper during the YSL trial.

Young Thug’s Kids Urged Gunna To Leave Los Angeles

Young Thug has had some controversial takes on parenting in the past. He lobbied to have full custody of his 12 kids during a Twitter rant in 2015. He felt that he had the means to provide for all of them, unlike the women he had the kids with. “I got a mansion with 12 empty bedrooms waiting for them,” he wrote. “I refuse to come on Cleveland Ave. That’s called backtracking. Just wanna no [why] should a peasant with no job, or future, or apartment/house/condo have custody of a rich mans child.”

Young Thug doubled down on this line of thinking during a 2022 Instagram Live. He went as far as to claim that people who are broke shouldn’t procreate. “We need new rules. We need a new oath,” the rapper asserted. “If you dead broke, if you a broke-a*s n**ga, you should not be able to n*t. You’re bringing poor kids into this world, f*ck n**ga. You’re making n**gas rob, and kill and steal because you’re running around with no type of career, no nothing.”

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