Benny The Butcher Gifts Freddie Gibbs’ BM BSF Chain After Snatching “Alfredo” Rapper’s Ice 

Benny The Butcher is letting his beef with Freddie Gibbs simmer, gifting the Alfredo creator’s baby mama a BSF chain. 

The Griselda rapper and Gibbs have been at odds for some time and even got into a physical altercation in May 2022. Gibbs and his then-girlfriend, who goes by the name Destini Creams, got their chains snatched in the chaos. 

However, while his feud with Gibbs remains, Benny has since made up with Gibbs’ baby mama and even returned her chain. 

Nonetheless, on Tuesday (March 19), Destini Creams revealed that the Buffalo MC upped the ante and gifted her new chain with a flash BMF pendant. She posted a video featuring Benny placing the diamond-encrusted piece around her neck before posing up a storm together. 

X/Destini Creams

“Lost a chain, got a bigger one,” she captioned the video. 

Benny The Butcher opened up about his beef with Freddie Gibbs during an interview last year.  

He told The Breakfast Club that he returned Destini Creams’ chain because “I’m really a nice guy.” Benny explained that she “was caught in the middle of some s### she had nothing to do with.” 

However, he has no intention of patching things up with Gibbs. 

“Hell no,” he replied when asked if they would ever make peace. “You don’t do that s### to people you cool with, and that’s just it. I really don’t have no problem with him. He never done nothing to me in life. I have no problem with him. It’s just that I would be goofy. And the people I make my music for would look at me goofy if I would stand next to him.”