Watch Snoop Dogg’s Epic Dr. Dre Tribute: “I Wanna Thank Me”  

Snoop Dogg comically remixed his iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame moment to pay tribute to Dr. Dre as the Hip-Hop mogul received his own coveted star.  

On Tuesday (March 19), the Death Row honcho took to the podium to honor Dre and his legacy.  

“I wanna thank me,” he began as the audience laughed. “For taking the call from Warren and Dr. Dre in ’91, even though I hung up on Warren a few times ’cause I thought the n#### was lying.” 

After joking about being thankful for writing himself into “Deep Cover,” Snoop gave Dre his flowers.   

“I wanna thank me for listening to Dre over the years and letting him be my teacher, mentor, brother, guardian, protector, and most importantly a good friend.” 

Snoop then playfully gave himself props for “showing up on time at the Super Bowl,” before honoring Dr. Dre with a freestyle tribute.  

“Dr. Dre, my brother from another mother, a rock in the sands on the beach he’d soon discover/Now we deep cover, blood brothers on a mission, Dre’s edition,” Snoop rapped. “House with no furniture, studio in the back with a little bit of food in the kitchen/Long Beach to Compton to Calabasas, compositions; pay attention/Quincy had Michael, they rewrote the cycle/So if Dre is Q and Mike is Snoop, we bang G thang, muthafuckin supergroup.”  

Watch the rest of his verse below.  

[embedded content]

Hours after the ceremony, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre joined forces with 50 Cent and Eminem to assist Jimmy Kimmel in a rip-roaring “Dre’s Anatomy” skit