Brian McKnight Fans Threaten To Boycott Singer After Estranged Son’s Latest Revelation 

Brian McKnight is facing further backlash from his fans following a post from his estranged son Nikolas. 

Many fans turned their back on the singer after he disowned his eldest three children, Nikolas, Brian Jr. and daughter Briana whom he recently referred to as the “product of sin.” 

He received further criticism on Wednesday after Nikolas reacted to his father’s Mother’s Day post. McKnight gushed over his new wife and family and how she parents her adult children and the couple’s 1-year-old son, Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr. 

He also spoke at length about being a present father to their baby while thanking his wife for giving him so many first-time experiences as a parent. 

“Thank you for giving me my first experience of witnessing my child coming into this world,” he said. “Then hearing his beautiful cry and that incredible moment of cutting my first umbilical cord!” 

However, this came as news to Nikolas who heard it for the first time on social media. “Damn, I never knew he wasn’t there when I was born,” he wrote on Wednesday (May 15). “I always assumed he was? Crazy.” 

Disgruntled Brian McKnight fans littered the replies with many threatening to boycott the singer.  

“He ain’t gone never be able to do another concert in America,” one person wrote. “The people have spoken.” Another added, “SMH you and your siblings don’t deserve this. Do you have any music we can stream to support you? We’ll spin y’all music over your dad’s music.” 

Check out some other reactions below.