Burna Boy Denies Rumors He’s Unable To Have Kids: “Heard Of IVF?”  

Burna Boy is opening up about why he hasn’t had any kids yet and responding to rumors he’s unable to father children. 

Fans questioned the “City Boys” hitmaker about his personal life after he hopped on Instagram Live Wednesday (May 15).  

“Why haven’t I had kids yet? Bro, because I don’t want to have kids yet,” Burna Boy replied before explaining that he wants his kids to have the same stable upbringing his parents gave him.  

“Have you seen my mum, the way she loves me?” he asked. “Have you seen my dad the way he loves me? I know I can’t give that to anyone right now with the life I live. You feel me?” 

Burna Boy continued, “So when I’m settled and I can be there for my children everyday, every single minute of every day, every second, I’m not having no kid. That’s just me and that’s a personal thing because I feel like my kids deserve better than I got. And I got both my mum and dad so you understand?” 

However, fans in the chat brought up rumors that Burna Boy hasn’t had kids yet due to fertility issues. He brushed off the speculation, denying the rumors but explained that infertility treatments are “normal.” 

“I see the bants in the chat talking about some impotent s###.,” he said, laughing. “Let’s even say that it’s true that I can’t have any kids, have you not heard of IVF?” 

In 2019, Stefflon Don allegedly claimed Burna Boy was “impotent” and claimed she ended their three-year relationship because he was unable to have kids.