Cardi B Doesn’t Split Bills With Offset Despite Controversial 50/50 Remarks 

Cardi B is responding to the backlash she faced over her comments about couples going 50/50 in relationships, clarifying that she and Offset do not split the bills after she was roasted for going halves with her man amid cheating allegations.  

Last week, Cardi went viral over her controversial take. She suggested couples should share expenses and pool their finances to maximize their potential to invest in their future. 

However, Cardi said her comments divided the sexes. “The men started praising me and the women started attacking me,” she said during an Instagram live Sunday (March 17). “First things first, I never said women and men have to go 50/50.” 

Cardi said fans were “cursing me out” for going 50/50 with husband offset amid cheating allegations.  

“I want to make this very f###### clear. Me and Offset, we don’t go 50/50,’ she added. “We bought a house, and we went half and half on our Atlanta home. We got two properties that we bought together, two investment homes. I bought my home in Jersey myself, and he bought a condo in Miami himself. “ 

Cardi went on to say that although she and Offset are fortunate to be “part of the one percent,” she came from humble beginnings.  

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Last December, Cardi B announced she and Offset had broken up amid cheating allegations. In another Instagram Live over the weekend, she denied claims they were divorced.