Meek Mill Rejects Akademiks’ $1M Podcast Deal: “I’m Richer Than Everybody That Deal With You”  

Meek Mill shot down DJ Akademiks’ $1 million proposal, clowning the controversial media figure after he offered the Philly rapper a seven-figure podcast deal. 

“I’m richer than everybody that deal with you lol,’ Meek wrote on X (formerly Twitter) Sunday (March 17).  

He took a shot at Ak for streaming while “drunk” and insisted he has plans for a culture-shifting podcast. Meek claimed he didn’t need the deal because he’s rich and surrounded by billionaire friends.  

“Not like a finance podcast deal thing lol I hang around all billionaires and I’m caked up,” he said. “You streaming for your chair getting drunk … I’m changing laws and stopping major hood beefs and trying to uplift the culture!” 

X/Meek Mill

According to Meek, he already has former collaborator Kid Art on board to produce the podcast. “He’s the Virgil with the camera!” he added, comparing Kid Art to the late Virgil Abloh.  

Akademiks had initially offered Meek Mill “a Million dollars up front,” to produce a weekly podcast, despite their recent beef .  

“We own video and audio, with a option to renew for a second year,” he said. “Also we buss down ads 50% on any ads we bring in (Prizepicks, Fashionova etc). You can own the podcast, but we share the IP as long as u in the deal.” 

Meek didn’t initially respond to his $1 million offer but teased a few details about his podcast, including the name. 

“I just wanna get in media now and rap to tell reforms stories about the system let others share their stories and address all propraganda,” he wrote. “Uplift the black culture … stop beefs publicly .. it’s gonna be called ‘culture currency’.”