Cassidy Responds To Rumors He Ghostwrote Benzino’s Eminem Diss In New Freestyle 

Cassidy has addressed the rumors he is Benzino’s ghostwriter and penned his recent Eminem diss tracks. 

Benzino recently dropped two songs targeting Slim Shady in their recently reignited feud, which has seen them go back and forth on and off for over two decades. Eminem fans accused him of having a ghostwriter, with many suggesting Cassidy as the culprit, pointing out similarities in the cadence and flow 

However, the Philly rapper rejected the speculation in a new freestyle titled “Mind Capacity.” Furthermore, while he denied writing for Benzino, Cassidy boasted he used to write for the person who actually penned the Slim Shady disses.  

“I ain’t ghostwrite Benzino diss, that’s bogus/In the past I ghostwrote for the writer that ghostwrote it,” he raps on the new track. 

He also seemingly fired at fellow Philly rappers Meek Mill and Eazy the Block Captain on the track.

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While Benzino initially claims he wrote his Eminem disses “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis” solo, he eventually confessed to having help. 

Benzino addressed the ghostwriter topic during an Instagram Live in February, although he didn’t mention Cassidy specifically, 

“I was in the studio with some guys and I was writing and they was passing me lines,” he admitted. “Yeah, you have a team. It’s alright, I’m sure Eminem is in the studio with Royce and Royce gave him lines. All of the amazing lyricists that he’s been around, you don’t think that they ain’t give him a line or two? It’s hip-hop, it’s okay. The bottom line was I spit it, and the bottom line was I killed it. And the bottom line was that a lot of that sh*t, I’ve been researching for years.”