Erykah Badu Expresses Feeling “Low Vibrational” After Clashing With Beyoncé’s Beyhive

Erykah Badu found herself in Beyoncé fans’ crosshairs over the last week. The Dallas-bred singer’s apparent dig at Bey led to online torment from members of the Beyhive.

It appears clashing with the Beyhive had an emotional effect on Badu. The Baduizm album creator recently expressed some of her feelings on social media.

“Stomach feels bloated. The moon got me feeling guilty, stressed all out. I don’t know why. But I’m up and I’m going,” Erykah Badu told her followers in an Instagram video.

She also added, “Past few days I’ve been feeling kinda not on my best behavior, kinda like low vibrational a little bit. But it’s all part of the process. It’s all part of the cycle.”

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Artwork for Beyoncé’s upcoming Cowboy Carter album triggered Erykah Badu. The Queen of Neo-Soul apparently believed her fellow Texas native copied her braided/beaded hairstyle for the image.

A simple Instagram Story post of the Cowboy Carter picture with the caption “Hmmm” led to Beyoncé’s stan army going on the attack. At one point, Badu called on Bey’s husband, JAY-Z, to defend her against the Beyhive.

Erykah Badu had accused Beyoncé of stealing her aesthetic before. In July 2023, Badu joked about being the Houston singer’s stylist after seeing Bey wear a wide-brimmed hat during a Renaissance World Tour stop in New Jersey.