Deezy Baby 971’s “Tell Me” – A New Chapter in Hip-Hop

Deezy Baby 971 's "Tell Me" - A New Chapter in Hip-Hop

Hip-hop sensation Deezy Baby 971 has excited the music scene with the release of his latest single, “Tell Me.” This track has been highly anticipated, especially after Deezy previewed it on his Instagram, sparking widespread interest among his followers. The release was complemented by the premiere of the music video for “8am In Guadeloupe (Dmix),” which was expertly directed by Kenji, further showcasing Deezy’s versatility as an artist.

Deezy Baby 971‘s journey in music started at a very young age and was influenced by a roster of hip-hop legends including 2Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole. These artists not only inspired him but also helped shape his unique sound—a blend of his Guadeloupean roots with contemporary hip-hop beats. His earlier singles such as “It Ain’t Personal,” “Don’t Fuck Wit Tha Kid,” and “Silver Spoon (I Did It),” have received acclaim for their authentic lyricism and emotional depth, solidifying his position as a respected artist within the industry.

Moreover, Deezy has made significant strides beyond performing, by founding Black Water Records—an independent label dedicated to nurturing artists who prioritize creative freedom. This initiative is a testament to his commitment to providing a platform where artists can fully express themselves while retaining control over their work.

With “Tell Me,” Deezy Baby 971 not only reaffirms his dedication to his craft but also reinforces his role as a source of inspiration for both peers and fans. The song encapsulates his relentless spirit and commitment to music, encouraging others in the industry to pursue their artistic endeavors with zeal and dedication.