Azealia Banks Trashes Ice Spice Over “Y2K” Aesthetic; Urges “Re-Do This” 

Ice Spice recently unveiled an alternate album cover for her upcoming Y2K album after the first received backlash, but according to Azealia Banks, she needs to scrap the entire aesthetic and start over.  

The outspoken artist said that while she loves the Bronx native, she hasn’t grasped the Y2K look. Moreover, Banks claims Ice Spice’s entire vision for the project is in direct opposition to the “Y2K” trend. 

On Tuesday (June 25), Banks took to her Instagram Story with a message for Ice Spice.  

“Somebody needs to tell @icespice Absolutely nothing about this aesthetically, performance wise, production wise is Y2K at all,” Banks began. “This is like VIM early Nicki Minaj pack weave s###.” 

Furthermore, Azealia Banks instructed, “We need a new hair color and a new facial expression,” comparing Ice Spice to“early Nicki Minaj pack weave s###.”   

After advising her to “drop” the artwork’s creator, David LaChapelle, and “re do this,” Banks concluded, “Big butts and bbl bodies are the [ANTITHESIS] OF Y2K.” 

Instagram/Azealia Banks

She followed up with several examples of artists who embody the trend. “This is Y2K,” she wrote alongside images of Aaliyah, TLC, Jennifer Lopez and others.  

Despite Azealia Banks’ criticism, Ice Spice isn’t likely to ditch LaChapelle any time soon. She shared a photo of them shortly after revealing the album cover.  

“David LaChapelle is #Y2K! soooo sweet + legendary he didn’t even charge me c## he f#### wit a real b####,” she shared.“Thank U for all the incredible art you’ve put out through the years this cover means everything to me & yes Y2K was placed on the trash can on purpose can u guess why?”