Donald Trump Says “Everybody Doctors” Photos In Response To Princess Of Wales Controversy

Donald Trump has given his thoughts on Catherine, Princess of Wales’ photo editing. The former United States president defended Catherine editing her photos and said he had no problem with it.

“That shouldn’t be a big deal because everybody doctors,” Donald Trump, 77, told GB News. “You look at these movie actors and you see a movie actor and you meet him, and you say, ‘Is that the same person in the picture?’”

The controversy began after a photo released by Kensington Palace featuring Catherine, 42, surrounded by her three children, was found to have been substantially edited and issued with a “kill notice” by several leading news photo agencies.

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News outlets hold photographs to a higher standard than social media channels, as news outlets are relied on to report and depict the truth.

Donald said he didn’t think Catherine’s photo editing was particularly serious – despite not having seen the original, unedited photograph or photographs.

“I looked at that actually, and it was a very minor doctoring,” he said. “I don’t understand why there could be such a howl over that.”

He added he thought Catherine was going through a “rough” time.

“It’s a rough period,” Donald said. “You know, they’re really – they went after her.”