Young Thug Trial Disrupted By Inebriated Witness: “I’m So High Right Now”

Young Thug’s latest YSL Rico trial date was briefly knocked off course by a witness summoned by Georgia state prosecutors.

On Tuesday (March 19) a report from Law And Crime detailed how Adrian Bean, one of the state’s witnesses, claimed he was “too high” in the midst of testifying on the stand. At the time, Bean was being questioned about his recollection of the September 2013 fatal shooting incident that prosecutors allege involved Young Thug.

“Man, umm,” Bean said in part before adding, “Can I get a water or something? I’m so high right now, y’all, I’m about to go to sleep on y’all now. I am.”

This isn’t the first time Bean’s drug use has become a notable topic throughout the trial. In fact, at this point it’s nearly common place. In February, he told prosecutors that his memory of the shooting and subsequent car crash, which resulted in the death of Donovan Thomas Jr., was almost “nonexistent” due to his persistent drug use in 2013.

Bean went on top say he was essentially “addicted” the the drug MDMA, more commonly known as Molly, during that time period and couldn’t recall anything from that point in his life. He also seemingly recanted any memory he had of a meeting with Young Thug’s defense attorney Brian Steel in January, which prompted Steel to accuse Bean of being untruthful. Steel then played a recording of the alleged meeting in which Bean appeared to deny Young Thug’s involvement in the incident.

“I’m not gonna lie on a brother,” Bean says in the recording. “You know what I mean? He wasn’t with us. Young Thug was not in the car with us that day. I don’t even know how his name really got mentioned. Maybe there was a lot of hype in the streets.”

Watch the extended version event unfold below.

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