Drake Fans Flamed Online For Claiming Kendrick Lamar Is “Doing Too Much” 

Drake fans are catching heat online after claiming Kendrick Lamar is “doing too much” following his battle with Drake. 

Although the dust had settled on his clash with the OVO founder, K. Dot kicked up a storm with his epic L.A. concert, quickly followed by a Compton video shoot.  

During his electrifying performance at The Pop Out” JKen & Friends, Lamar infamously brought back his battle-ending diss, “Not Like Us,” a whopping five times with the audience rapping along to every word. 

Additionally, Lamar made headlines for attempting to bridge the gap between rivals L.A. gangs at his unifying Juneteenth concert. Snoop Dogg passed K. Dot the torch, crowning him “King of the West Coast,” while Ice T declared, “A Potential Gang Truce in LA is like a Cure for Cancer for us.” 

Furthermore, his Compton “Not Like Us” video shoot drew giant crowds, turning into a mass community celebration. 

Nonetheless, OVO stans are still licking their wounds following the battle and want K. Dot to fall back. While Lamar went viral over the weekend, Drake fans took to social media to protest.  

“Kendrick is really milking this Beef,” one person wrote. “Drake really changed that brother’s life.” 

However, other users were quick to mention Drizzy’s antics after his battle with Meek Mill. “Drake couldn’t shut up about what he did to Meek after their beef, and the stans were loving it,’ one user shared. “But now he’s lost to Kendrick apparently a music video is “doing too much” LMAOOOO.” 

Echoing the “doing too much” sentiment, another person suggested Kendrick Lamar should quieten down about his win over Drake. 

“Drake did the same exact s### to Meek and didn’t get half the criticism Kendrick is getting,” one person replied. 

Check out some of the other reactions below.