Lil Durk Roasted Online After Locker Room Appearance At Chicago Sky vs. Indiana Fever 

Lil Durk is the latest celebrity to show love to the athletes of the WNBA, pulling up to support as the Chicago Sky took on the Indiana Fever on Sunday (June 23). 

The Chicago rapper previously welcomed Angel Reese on her arrival to the team and was on hand to see her fight for a win against Caitlyn Clark’s Fever. 

The match proved to be one of the most intense of the season so far, with the Sky catching an 88-87 win. Lil Durk sat courtside as Reese scored 25 points and snagged 16 rebounds. Reese put in her best performance yet as a pro and secured her first win over Clark in the WNBA.  

After the game, Chicago Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon welcomed Lil Durk into the locker room to celebrate with the players. Durkio posed for photos with Angel Reese before congratulating the Chicago Sky on their win. He also promised to return to cheer on the sporting stars. 

“I said I really want to meet him,” Coach Weatherspoon said as she embraced Lil Durk. “I want to bring him in the fold with us.” 

She then gave Durk the floor to address the victorious team. “We looked in now,” he said. “Y’all had a good game today and I’m gonna be at more of the games supporting y’all.” 

However, once footage of the Chicago Sky locker room chat hit social media, users honed in on Lil Durk’s fit. His small stature compared to the glamazon athletes also caused a ruckus. 

He came in like the Count of Montenegro,” one person joked.  

“Pulled up rocking the fresh floor mat,” another person tweeted. 

“The height difference got me dead,” a user said in response to Durk’s photo-op with Angel Reese.