Jim Jones Escapes Charges Following Airport Escalator Brawl  

Jim Jones won’t be facing legal action after a wild bawl on an airport escalator left a man covered in blood. 

Capo claimed he acted in self-defense after being outnumbered by two men during the altercation at Miami airport earlier this month. Cops say surveillance video confirms his account, according to TMZ. Furthermore, none of the men wish to press charges.  

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Despite the viral footage, Jones claims the incident began while they were still on the plane, per the police report via TMZ. Jones accused one of the men, James Dos Santos, of pushing him after he removed his belongings from the overhead compartment before the plane stopped.

Jones told cops Dos Santos apologized after he grabbed his arm and warned him about his behavior. Meanwhile, another passenger, Alexander Lekht, began screaming at the rapper, but Jones declined to take the matter further.  

Nonetheless, according to the police report, Lekht followed Jones and tried to provoke him into reacting. Lekht even tried to make him flinch, which Jones ignored the first time. However, Jones reacted after Lekht did it a second time while riding the escalator.  

Jones says that he intended to detain Lekht until authorities arrived, but Lekht began hitting him, and then Dos Santos joined in

According to the outlet, cops say Jim Jones’ account is backed up by the evidence.  Lekht was taken to hospital for the injuries to his face. While Jones sustained some facial bruising, he declined to take the matter further.  

Meanwhile, after footage of the brawl went viral, 50 Cent trolled Jones on social media. He joked that a senior citizen injured in the melee was out to get revenge. 

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Cops say 94-year-old James Jackson was treated in hospital for leg pain.