Ryan Garcia Boasts He Was “High As F*ck” During Devin Haney Fight 

Ryan Garcia still maintains he was not using banned substances against Devin Haney in their recent fight but now admits to being “high as f###” during the bout. 

After a controversial build up to the fight, Garica’s brutal victory was overshadowed when he reportedly tested positive for the banned performance-enhancing drug Ostarine. 

During a recent appearance on The Fully Tilted podcast, Garcia insisted he did not use the prohibited substance. The 25-year-old also confirmed he recently requested to have his “B” samples tested. While he denied taking Ostarine, Garcia bragged that he was high when he beat champion Haney.  

“If I were on steroids, I would’ve been in way better shape,” Garcia maintained. “It was literally drinking every day, smoking weed. I didn’t stop not even until the f###### day of the fight. And I got in there high as f### and I beat his ass.” 

Furthermore, Garcia claimed Haney admitted he had never been “outclassed” in such fashion. “It was a walk in the f###### park. I had harder fights in sparring. It was not hard at all,” he added. “Steroids didn’t help that, brother.” 

Cam’ron Suggests Ryan Garcia Was On Cocaine Ahead Of Haney Flight

Ryan Garcia openly discussed being high and smoking weed ahead of the Haney clash which went down on smoker’s holiday 4/20 (April 20.) However, his pre-fight antics and bizarre conspiracy theories led to accusations he was using cocaine.  

Cam’ron and Ma$e weighed in on the topic following the boxer’s disturbing claims in a Twitter Spaces chat before last month’s fight.  

“This got yola written all over it,” Cam said during an episode of their It Is What It Is show. “Yola, b##### sugar, nose candy. That [sniffs]… Yeah, Snow White, Becky. This got this written all over it.”   

Ma$e said he wanted to treat the subject seriously and refused to joke about it. “I thought this was very, very alarming and that something was really wrong,” he added.