Kahri 1k Isn’t Playing Games Anymore

Petersburg, Virginia artist Kahri 1k is one of the hottest new rappers in Hip-Hop right now due to his trailblazing new album, The Ghost of Pecan Acres. Gritty, gripping and persuasive, Kahri 1k continues to lure new fans with catchy singles like his latest visual for “Fort Night.”

Directed by Chris Thomas, a frustrated Kahri 1k takes matters into his own hands on the video game inspired track and rampages with slick bars to survive. Later that day, Kahri and a team of bandits proceed to rob a luxury living quarters. Oddly enough, they don’t take any money or jewels; but instead seize vials of a glowing green serum which seem to give them x-men like superpowers, briefly displayed throughout the heist.

“This song was an opportunity for me to show my fans how creative I can get,” Kahri says about new video. “When we connected with Chris for the video treatment bringing the older and younger generations together was a goal of ours. That’s why we decided to include the “pulling drive bys” scene with Caine and Ronnie from Menace II Society in the beginning. You pair that with something as popular as Fornite and everything comes together smoothly. I don’t play the game as much as I used to, but I’ll pick up the stick every now and then.”

Available via Heir Wave Music Group. The Ghost of Pecan Acres features Quando Rondo and Yung Bleu. Along with “Fort Night,” the album includes the string of hits “Pain” and “When They See Us”. Watch the new video now and stream the new album on all DSP.