Noire Velours Drops Hypnotic Music Video “Full Of Myself”

Noire Velours releases her latest music video for her song, “Full Of Myself,” a magical piece that blends rap, Hip-Hop, soul, jazz, and other influences, all contained in the texture of one of the most hypnotic voices we’ve come across in a while. The multiple layers of emotions she is able to convey through her vocals is simply jaw-dropping. Her statement of absolute confidence, grounded presence, and fearlessness, in the lyrics of “Full Of Myself” is also one of the highlights of the song, and what makes it so memorable at first listen. 

Based in Togo where she collaborates with many musicians, Noire Velours is becoming one of the forefront figures of her country’s music scene, and “Full Of Myself” will most probably expand her vision and art to new dimensions.