Mustard Explains Why Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Was “Years In The Making”

Mustard has revealed he was essentially spamming Kendrick Lamar with beats multiple times a day even before his historic rap beef with Drake commenced.

During his recent appearance on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” the “Not Like Us” producer spoke about his experience performing at Lamar’s unifying Juneteenth concert “The Pop-Out: Ken & Friends,” the rap beef between K. Dot and Drizzy and more. In the process, Mustard described how years of persistence led to the collab with Kendrick, who managed to snag a No. 1 debut with their inaugural collaboration.

“I was sending him five beats a day before the whole beef,” he said. “I was just working on my album like I really wanna do a song with [Kendrick]…I’ve been trying to do songs with him for years.”

When Big Boy responded with the question, “How many beats you think you sent to Kendrick?,” Mustard replied, “Maybe 100? Maybe 50? 60?” and proceeded to confirm he was specifically making five beats a day for nobody else but Kendrick Lamar at the time.

“Any of the beats I’ve ever sent him nobody has ever had these beats,” he said.

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Mustard added that he had no issue blowing Kendrick Lamar up with beats because he believes that “it only takes one.” Mustard went on to reveal that he initially heard “Not Like Us” just like the rest of us did and didn’t actually have a heads up before the track was released.

“[During the beef], all I’m texting him is beats…normal s###,” he said. “We weren’t talking about the beef at all.

“[When ‘Not Like Us’ dropped], I’m on my way to a baby shower…we on the freeway…I get a text saying, ‘[Kendrick] dropped again,’ then I get another text like, ‘Mustard on the beat ho’ and I’m like, ‘What the f### did I miss?’ And that’s how I heard the song on the 405 freeway, driving and I start spazzing…listening to it over and over. I couldn’t believe it.”

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