Foolio’s Mother Issues Statement About His Death

Foolio‘s mother has issued a statement in the wake of the rapper’s murder over the weekend.

Foolio’s Mom Releases Statement

On Tuesday (June 25), Foolio’s mother, Sandrikas Mays, who goes by Sandrikas1 on Instagram, put up a post about her son’s recent slaying in Tampa, Fla. on June 22.  In th post, which can be seen below, there are numerous clips of Foolio showing him as a kid and his ascension in the rap game.

“RIP Son … Charles Jones II ‘Foolio’ The ‘Real’ Life Story Documentary Coming Soon,” she captioned the post. “The story that only I can tell because I know the Truths from the Fakes, I think Im the ‘ONLY’ mother that keep it Real while MOST others know dam well what was going on with their OWN sons , this been going on since 2014-2015.”

She continued, “Some of these same women ‘Celebrating’ your death is some of the same Women looked up to me , sitting in my building I was their TEACHER and they were my STUDENTS at a Big Grown Age taking notes, not lets forget that!!! The same women that was buying your CDs for their kids, lets not forget that!!! These same women sons did the same thing you did went tit for tat on this drill music in which I NEVER Condoned.”

Sandrikas went on to say she was constantly urging Foolio to change his lifestyle. “Mfs ask where his mom, it starts from home!!! Them not knowing I stayed on you bout this beef chit, cussed u out, begged u to take stuff down and when I was SHOT 8 times, I spared their lives eventho mine was changed!!!” she typed.

“The UNTOLD TRUTH Only I can tell coming soon…,” she added. “So much Unreleased Coming Soon!!!”

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Police Investigate Foolio Murder

Up-and-coming Jacksonville, Fla. rapper Foolio was shot and killed outside a Holiday Inn in Tampa on Sunday morning. According to his attorney, the rapper was in Tampa celebrating his 26th birthday when he was kicked out of a highly publicized Airbnb party. The event was relocated to the Holiday Inn where Foolio and three other men were shot while sitting in a black Dodge Charger. Foolio was the only victim who didn’t survive.

During a Town Hall meeting on Monday (June 24), Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw told the assembled press he guarantees arrests will be made in the violent incident.

“We are working day in and day out on this case,” Bercraw told the media. “They’re developing some good leads. We’re working closely with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We are working with our statewide prosecutor, our federal partners, the ATF and the FBI, and our local prosecutor Susie Lopez. I can guarantee you we are going to be following up and making arrests in that case.”

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Check out Foolio’s mom’s statement statement about her son’s death and the upcoming documentary below.

See Foolio’s Mom’s Full Statement

Foolio’s mom releases statement.



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