NBA YoungBoy’s Child-Bearing Ex Did NOT Get Kidnapped—Claims It Was A Prank

The mother of NBA YoungBoy’s offspring isn’t being held against he will—despite previous claims. In case you missed it, Arcola, the mother of NBA YoungBoy’s son Kaell, led her Instagram followers on a wild goose chase over the weekend. It all started after Arcola posted a video on her Instagram Story claiming she was locked inside the trunk of a vehicle and directing her followers to call her mother in the frantic clip.

“Oh my God, you guys save me,” Arcola said in part. “I am locked inside a trunk. Help me! I just got kidnapped. It’s too hot in here. I can’t breathe. I cannot breathe! I don’t know where they’re going, I just know I woke up in this fu##ing trunk and my phone was in my fu##ing pocket.”

Despite Arcola’s convincing distress call, she went on to claim the entire situation was a hoax in an odd and unexpected twist. In fact, she called it a “prank” and compared it to the false missing persons controversy caused by Carlee Russell last year.

“That Carlee, or Carlae, whatever her name is, that type of s##t,” she said. “I never called the police, that’s the difference. I never got on Live and said ‘Call the police,’ I said ‘Call my mom.’ I seen the green latch. If I was really kidnapped, I would’ve pulled that motherf###er.”