Nicki Minaj Apologizes To Fans Following Backlash Over Last Minute Tour Cancellation 

Nicki Minaj has apologized to her fans for postponing her New Orleans tour stop at the last minute due to illness. 

Disgruntled fans, some of whom flew in for the concert on Monday (March 18), called out the NYC rapper for the eleventh-hour cancellation. Others were disappointed that the announcement came from the venue with no word from the artist herself.  

However, On Tuesday evening, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram with an apology to New Orleans fans. 

“Please accept my sincerest apologies for having to reschedule our date together.  

You mean so much to me & I hate that things didn’t go as planned,” she began. “Within the next few days, I hope to update our schedule with a new date that I can give you 100% of myself & nothing less.” 

While some said Minaj should have performed even if unwell, the rapper said her fans deserve more.  

“You don’t deserve to pay for a tkt to see me up there rapping with the flu. Absolutely NOT,” she added. “Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your well wishes.” 

After telling supporters how much she loves and adores them, Minaj explained that she may be unable to reschedule for a while.   

“It may have to be in MAY due to the NBA finals, but we won’t complete this tour w/o you,“ she added. “As long as you’ll have me, my team & I will be there.” 

Instagram/Nicki Minaj

Fortunately for her Atlanta fans it appears Nicki Minaj is on the mend.