ScHoolboy Q Mocks Donald Trump Over Golf Exchange With President Joe Biden

ScHoolboy Q took to Twitter to mock former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s debate exchange about golf, opting for a lighthearted twist of one of the most polarizing events apart of the ongoing election cycle.

Known for bringing his vibrant personality to the green, the Blue Lips lyricist couldn’t resist commenting on the presidential candidate’s heated point-counterpoint discussion comparing each other’s golfing prowess and IQ’s. In particular, ScHoolboy appeared to find it comically absurd that not only did the debate detour into their golf, but further plunged into a pissing match concerning who had won the most hardware between Biden and Trump.

“THey talking bout golf im crying braH biden ain’t no 6 Handicap dawg. trump definitely cHeated during tHe club cHampionsHip,” ScHoolboy Q tweeted.

ScHoolboy seemingly couldn’t get enough of the exchange and proceeded to crack up behind the mini-golf feud in a subsequent tweet.

“This s##t Hilarious,” he wrote in the tweet stamped with an American flag.

In case you missed it, ScHoolboy’s tweet referenced when the portion of the conversation in which Biden claimed to be a six handicap, a statement that raised eyebrows given the level of skill such a handicap represents. According to a report from NBC Miami, “the closer a handicap is to zero, the more the player would be considered a scratch golfer, which is essentially shooting around par (72) every time.” In essence, this means “Biden is better than most amateur golfers because he’d shoot around the low 80s to high 70s, which is generally a solid score.”

Given that ScHoolboy Q’s foray into golf isn’t just a casual interest, it makes sense that he’d find the humor in this, considering he has become somewhat of Hip-Hop’s ambassador for golf. The rapper has embraced the sport, often sharing his experiences and passion for golf with his fans. His amateur golf career, while not without its challenges, has seen him rubbing shoulders with high-profile celebrities and seasoned golfers alike.

“I got into it, and it changed my mental, it let me learn myself as a person,” ScHoolboy said in 2022. “Like, this is why certain things in my life are going bad or certain things are going good, because of the attitude thing. It fixed my attitude in life. It fixed a whole lot of things about me in life.”

ScHoolboy Q recently made a splash in the world of golf with his appearance in Nike’s latest golfing ad campaign where he showcased his passion for the sport while sporting Nike’s cutting-edge golf apparel and equipment.

Check out the hilarious exchange below.