SIGNS: Mother & Daughter Walking Home From Drake Concert Killed By Reckless Driver

A man who was was arrested and charged with killing two pedestrians leaving a concert in downtown St. Louis is reportedly out on bond. A judge allowed 22-year-old Monte Henderson to post a 10 percent ($20,000) cash only bail on his $200,000 bond 24 hours after he was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of armed criminal action. He’s accused of killing Laticha Bracero and Alyssa Cordova, a mother and daughter who were walking home from a Drake concert.

Henderson, who has no prior felonies, was released on February 24 and issued the following statement via his legal representation regarding the incident: “This is a very tragic accident, Monte is very upstanding young man; involved in academics and sports.”

Graphic video off the accident, depicting the exact moment Henderson’s speeding vehicle struck another driver and the mother and daughter in the intersection has been circulating online.

[embedded content]

According to officers, Henderson allegedly ran a red light before his Jeep sideswiped the front end of other vehicle between North 18th and Olive streets. His Jeep struck Bracero and Cordova and the Jeep continued to move until it T-b#### another vehicle.

Ccourt documents and data retrieved from the Jeep show the car was traveling at speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour prior to the accident.

Drake has yet to address the incident.