Stefflon Don Wishes Jada Kingdom Well Despite Diss Track History

Stefflon Don discussed her feud with Jada Kingdom during an appearance on GRM Daily’s Thoughts In A Culli. Stefflon accused Jada of clout chasing in their beef, which stemmed from their romantic history with Burna Boy.

“If you really felt a way, you could just address that personally, but you don’t want to do that,” Stefflon said. “You wanted the clout. So, I thought it was the right day. I’m not gonna lie. My engineer was in the studio. We was already cooking stuff. The song I posted that she thought was about her, I think I wrote that two or three days before.”

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Stefflon claimed her song “Dat a Dat” wasn’t originally aimed at Jada. The British rapper updated the track after the two clashed online.

“I don’t really like doing the back-and-forth online, so I thought, ‘Let’s just do this in music,” Stefflon said.

Stefflon told GRM Daily she was never upset about Jada’s alleged entanglement with Burna Boy.

“We used to be cool,” Stefflon said regarding Jada. “And the situation that happened, I wasn’t even with [Burna]. I don’t even care what he’s doing. She’s selling, he’s buying. What’s the problem?”

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But Stefflon said she and Jada “were never friends.”

“It’s not like that was my homegirl,” Stefflon said. “We linked once or twice … There isn’t nothing to rekindle. We stopped talking anyway because she asked me to jump on a tune and I took long or something … But even after that, just before the situation with my man, she messaged me and then she unsent it. She said, ‘I’m in London. Link up.’ And I saw it. She thinks I didn’t see it.”

Months after trading disses, Stefflon insisted she was ready to move on from the quarrel.

“I wish [Jada] the best in her career and stuff because I feel like she’s a dope artist,” she said. “And it’s really not that deep.”

Check out the full interview with Stefflon below.

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