Bby Shea finds the “Best Way”

Emerging Brighton,UK rapper/songwriter Bby Shea blends R&B/soul and hiphop in her own unique way and has developed her style over the years. From listening to greats like Lauryn Hill, Sadé and Jean Grey, she embodied their styles and fused them with her distinct attribute blending bravado, female energy and a strong individuality as a musician. Currently based in London, studying music and pursuing her career, she drops her new single “Best Way”, a mellow love ballad that showcases her versatility to the fullest. Bolstered by a bright and uplifting backdrop, she spins a tale of the dynamics of being stuck in the dating stage. From the cute romantic gestures and taking baby steps, Shea shows us that it’s not as easy as it looks. She keeps it candid and reiterates the need not to fall into pressure but rather try to let things fall in place but then again, life is unpredictable when it comes to love.

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