Jonny Rythmns Unleashes “The Zombie Shuffle” (Instrumental)

Jonny Rythmns, widely known for creating eclectic instrumentals, releases his latest just in time for Halloween. “The Zombie Shuffle” is a creepy Halloween-inspired beat says Jonny from his new Halloween EP titled ‘Creepy Costume Ball.’

A slightly spooky intro begins the shuffle with chilling bass and drums weaved with clapping textures to follow. The track has countless potential not only for Halloween parties or background music to spook kids while they knock on doors Halloween night but for horror soundtracks as well. It can serve as the next innovative theme music for The Adam’s Family or what audiences hear right before Krueger strikes with his finger blades.

Creepy enough for Halloween yet Hip Hop enough to head-nod and press repeat, stream “The Zombie Shuffle” and connect with Jonny Rythmns here on Linktree.