Karras shares new single “Kerosene”, “Kerosene (DJ Dial-Up Mix)” and “Kerosene (White Lighters Remix)”

The midwestern alternative rapper who goes by the moniker Karras makes his entry on our site with 2 remixes of his single “Kerosene”. The remixes come from White Lighters and DJ Dial-Up who both craft uniquely different soundscapes. Inspired by his own experience playing punk and metal music before venturing into hip-hop, Karras brings a different feel to the track with his non-conformist style of songwriting and heavy use of pop cultural references. The record is ripe with soft rock guitar riffs, gloomy synths, and punchy drum grooves while Karras’ commanding vocals cut through the mix. “Kerosene (White Lighters Remix)” is moody and melancholic and it’s made up of eerie textures, soft drum grooves, and cinematic strings while “Kerosene (DJ Dial-Up Mix)” has more musical elements but it’s still dark.



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