Leo Coltrane breaks down technology on “Robody” [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Leo Coltrane takes time to reflect on the myriad effects of technology in this modern age on his new single “Robody.” From the rise of social media, never-ending attacks on our privacy, and the slow depletion of the environment, Coltrane delivers a thought-provoking piece that everyone can relate to and probably learn a thing or two from. The rousing record is produced by Cru Drums who blends electronic elements with a distinct hip-hop bounce for Coltrane to paint vivid pictures.

The visual is quite engaging as well and blends performance shots with tech-inspired visual effects and motifs. “Robody” is the lead single from Coltrane’s forthcoming EP, produced entirely by Cru Drums.

Leo Coltrane is a lyrically-driven hip-hop artist from Brooklyn. Backed by a live band with a vocalist, Francis, he weaves rapping, recording his audiences and playing samples on drum pads. His debut solo album, That Third Thing, a narrative-based project merges film scenes, conversation fragments, and interview sound bites. Leo Coltrane has performed in NY, LA, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

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