Martin Hopeful shares “Mind Games” and “Luke 18:1”

Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop Artist Martin Hopeful shares two songs “Mind Games” and “Luke 18:1” from his #ProteinEP.  The project boasts production from Malcolm Sef and Tone Jonez.

The first cut “Mind Games “features Anyah and Stv3 and is a punchy guitar-driven track that talks about staying focused and not getting distracted by petty mind games. The emcees come through with fiery verses underpinned by their go-getter mentality and a smooth chorus to tie it all together

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The second record “Luke 18:1” is as moody and somber as they come with its melancholic piano riff and punchy drums. Martin pours his heart on wax as he struggles between staying on the righteous path and the wicked streets that keep calling his name. He is joined by Juice Cannon who adds his own 2 cents to the track.

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