Wave Length and MoeSOS DC share new single “BLUEBERRY”

“BLUEBERRY” is the newest single from rap group Wave Length and MoeSOS DC‘s collaborative album Garden. Over a soulful and somewhat somber soundscape, MoeSOS delivers a tale of epic proportions ripe with vivid and detailed lyrics. The 2 verses are well crafted and offer different perspectives on a vicious murder witnessed by a young boy. The first verse is through the eyes of the boy while the second verse is through the eyes of the perpetrators.

Wave Length is a group comprising of emcee MoeSOS DC, emcee/keyboardist Free Will, & bassist Jack Warfield who have their eyes set to push the envelope of Hip Hop music through cutting edge live performances, groovy instrumentation, and uplifting lyrics. Based out of Wilmington, NC, the Wave Length team has played 100+ combined shows across North Carolina and are rounding out their most recent tour across North Carolina, Maryland, Washington, DC & NYC promoting their upcoming album ‘Garden’.

Their grassroots efforts in marketing, producing, and community has helped them to unify music lovers across a multitude of genres, ages, and cultures. Wave Length has players that will leave a lasting imprint on not only the Hip Hop genre, but of the lives of each of their fans

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