Moneá is ready to “Check In”

London, Richmond-based R&B/Soul artist Moneá delivers her new single “Check In” which details the ups and downs of the rat race and cycle we seem to be stuck in. Over a smooth and dreamy backdrop made up of mellow keys, warm pads, pulsating basslines, and crunchy drums, the singer implores us to find time to detach from the madness and replenish our spirits. Armed with her soft airy sultry melodic vocal runs, she draws listeners in with ease as she floats seamlessly over the dreamy soundscape. In summary, “Check In” offers a calm and soothing R&B melody that serves as the perfect pairing for Moneá’s meditative and encouraging attitude we’ve grown to know and love. Driving home the importance of staying grounded, Moneá’s spirituality bleeds through her soulful melodies, pulling listeners in from the very start.


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