Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.








Taz Conley – “Game Night”

Taz Conley sets it off with cinematic visuals for his song titled “Game Night”. The track itself is vibrant and made up of a moody soundscape and Taz’s fiery flows and off-kilter rhyme schemes. The visual makes use of various motifs and performance shots of Taz as he traverses different spots in the city.



YfnVon – “Chapters”

YfnVon makes his first appearance on our list with  “Chapters” which sees him reflecting on his upbringing and the traps that come with growing up in certain neighborhoods. Over a soulful soundscape, he gives listeners a heartfelt and insightful peek into his life and then some. The visual shot by @yoaspire captures him in his element as he finds time to chill with his crew.


daFinchi – “Go For Mine”

Multi-faceted rapper/attorney who goes by the moniker daFinchi pours his heart on wax in his new release titled “Go For Mine”. The production is punchy and somewhat moody but his raps are aspirational and give listeners a glimpse into what he does for a living as well as his journey through the ranks as an artist. The visual is stylish and displays the rapper in his element as he balances the duality of being a creative, loving father and achiever. Braggadocious and brash as it is, we somehow end up endeared to the bad boy from Bridgeport. That’s just the truth.




PsychoYP – “Silent Mode”

Nigerian rapper PsychoYP drops the visuals for his single “Silent Mode” as he releases a new project titled YPSZN3, serving as the third and final installment of his critically acclaimed ‘YPSZN’ series. The track is a boisterous braggadocious effort that sees the young rapper flexing his lyrical muscle over a moody drill soundscape. The visual follows suit and shows viewers how he gets down in London but still makes runs with a Nigerian mindstate.



Lucille Crew – “Gold Bars”

Lucille Crew‘s latest release “Gold Bars” is an anthemic tune that reminds listeners who the real bosses are. The chorus sure is rousing and the way the rap verses break down the concept of success gives the track a dynamic feel as the beat tapers off when the rapper starts. The visual is expressive and shows quite a lot of motifs and set pieces ranging from the band doing their thing, seductively clad dancers, and hip-hop dancers as well.