Top submissions EP3 Oct 2022

The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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ADVICE – “Grandma”


ADVICE’s new single “Grandma” is a sombre tune that sees him sharing a tale of personal loss and grieving. Inspired by the memories of his late grandma, he gives listeners a touching look at his own unique way of grieving over a soulful soundscape provided by Iam2000.



Ozilate – “Rain


Ozilate’s “Rain” is a sombre and reflective tune that explores his battle with depression and how he went through the wringer to become a better man. Over the solemn strings, and moody textures, he takes us deep into his life and shows us that the sun fades and the rainstorm will always wash away but being resilient will always outlast the bad times.




Mavstar x MC Humble – “Alpha Centauri” feat. MC Humble

Burlington, VT lyricists Mavstar and MC Humble team up for “Alpha Centauri”. The anthemic tune is a display of pure lyricism over a gripping cinematic soundscape. Both emcees hold nothing back and bring out the big guns with profound and vivid rhyme schemes.


Raw Soul – “Self-Reflection Interlude”


Canadain emcee Raw Soul shares the new single “Self-Reflection Interlude” which is a solemn introspective piece that digs deep into his thoughts. Over a smooth jazz-infused soundscape, he gives us a glimpse into his life and all the craziness involved.

hollowhead x Tha God Fahim – “STARDUST”

Chi-town emcee hollowhead teams up with Tha God Fahim -for a dreamy and ethereal tune titled “STARDUST”. The result is a blend of vivid and insightful bar-fest from both emcees and intense performance. The track is taken from the EP THE IMAGINER.



Diamon_58 – “Fire in the water”


Diamon_58′s new release  “Fire in the water” is an anthemic and aspiration record ripe with soulful textures layered over punchy drums. The rapper shows us how he gets down and his journey as a man chasing his dreams. He is joined by fellow emcee General Figgas who brings his own unique take to the forefront.



Amiccella – “Tell ‘Em”

Canadian-Italian, female rapper Amiccella teams up with fellow Italian-Canadian Youg Tucci in her new single titled “Tell ‘Em”. The track has a moody and brooding vibe but the drums are punchy as well. Amiccella sure is not horsing around as he delivers a laidback flow ripe with engaging lines and a reminder that everyone should take her seriously. Young Tucci comes through on the third verse and wraps it up.



Dudas Clancy – “Warrior”


Emerging artist Dudas Clancy delivers an anthem that aims to fire up the inner passion in all of us in his new release titled “Warrior”. The record is dark and has an urgent feel while the lyrics are graphic and dig deep into the rapper’s work ethic.


Riley Writtens – “Out Of Time Redux” (Feat. Balou & Segnon)


Riley Writtens teams up with Balou and Segnon for his 3rd single titled “Out Of Time Redux”. The record is a laidback jazz/soul-infused piece that is ripe with warm piano riffs, sombre textures and soft drum grooves. The melodic runs are soothing and the rap verses are vivid and unapologetic, a solid combination if we do say so ourselves. This is taken from Riley Writtens’ upcoming EP, “After Twelve.

Aaron Sumlin – “J T F”

Aaron Sumlin’s “J T F” is a chilling love tale made up of lofi piano chords, smooth sparsely arranged drums and alluring melodies. The lyrics are heartfelt and dwell on the possibility of finding and experiencing true love.
The song is written, performed and produced by Aaron himself.

ADST Music x Devin Messina – “New Horizon”

DMV hip-hop producer ADST Music teams up with Devin Messina for a “New Horizon”. The soulful track is an aspirational tune that explores the growth and maturity of a man chasing his dreams. He is also joined by R&B Songstress Devin Messina who provides the perfect melodic chorus to tie it all together.

Sols – “Avenue”

UK artist Sols drops new single “Avenue” which serves as his second release for the year. The track is a smooth blend of rap with afropop elements. The guitar riffs have a nostalgic and moody feel and the drum grooves are bouncy too. The lyrics are insightful and detail the daily struggle he has to face to reach his goals.


“INTHEHOUSE” is an experimental and off-kilter tune from rapper ePP who makes use of a punchy and distinct soundscape. His flow is engaging and a bit edgy as well.

Shug – “Unstoppable”

Shug is an emerging emcee whose new release “Unstoppable” is as emotional as they come. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, he pours his frustrations on wax and gets the weight off his shoulders by running through the crazy moments of his life and how he copes with the craziness around him.

Joby Wright – “The Highest”

Joby Wright feels like “The Highest” in the room in this mellow and soulful track. The rapper is in his element and reminds us that he is inspired to chase his goals and has no energy for negativity or naysayers.


DAZE DAVINCI – “Top of the World”


“Top of the World” is a reflective and aspirational tune from DAZE DAVINCI who takes time to deliver a motivational message to the listeners. Over the sombre guitar-laden backdrop provided by THEBROKERAGE & International award-winning pianist Maryna Kysla Williams, DAZE and Bryan Lay drop some uplifting jewels to help kick off our day.

Dani Fuentes – “My Ex”

Dani Fuentes holds no punches as he muses on the past memories in a heartfelt single “My Ex”. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, the rapper gives listeners a graphic tale of love, lust, sex and the pain that comes with it especially when the other person in the picture was his first love. This song is from my EP called Love Protection.

Raw Soul – “Monsters”

Canadian rapper Raw Soul returns to our list with “Monsters”, a cinematic and hard-hitting tune that showcases his off-kilter style. The raps are sharp and the experimental backdrop is solid too.

Javy XI – “82.5 (AGE FM)”

May your next move truly be your best one, Javy XI proclaims on his new single “82.5 (AGE FM).” The retro-tinged track has sublime textures and bouncy drums that blend with the rapper’s insightful and aspirational bars.

D. Mitchell – “STORY OF MY LIFE”


D. Mitchell‘s new single “STORY OF MY LIFE” is a smooth blend of hip-hop and soul. The production is bouncy and lush and the lyrics are as candid as they come. Armed with a vibrant and smooth flow, he delivers a gripping tale of disenfranchisement in urban areas.

Crac Kajak – “Sex Cells”

American rapper, singer, and record producer,Crac Kajak ‘s new single “Sex Cells” sees him sharing his thoughts on abortion over a dark brooding soundscape. The delicate issue has been raging for a while now and Crac Kajak gives his 2 cents in support of women. He is a member of the Midwest hip-hop group Epidimic. He is also one half of the hip-hop duo CracOdyne, and an affiliate of Doom Squad.

Nonick – “Raise a glass”

Nigerian rapper/songwriter Nonick makes his debut appearance on our list with his new release titled “Raise a glass”. He blends afro elements with rap as he shares his candid thoughts on real-time issues going on in his country over a sombre and exotic-sounding soundscape. The track also has aspirational elements and the use of an expressive autotuned melodic chorus works.


J Davon Harris – “Sean John Era”


NY emcee J Davon Harris honours the foundation of hip-hop in his new single “Sean John Era”. The track pays homage to the NY sound with its anthemic production and the rapper’s vivid lyricism.

HENRY ABERSON – “Don’t Walk Away”

Instrumentalist HENRY ABERSON shares his new offering “Don’t Walk Away” featuring vocalist Jae Franklin. The sombre and heartfelt tune dwells on fledgling love between two individuals and sees Jae trying to make amends and mend the cracks. Bolstered by HENRY’s guitar string production, Jae delivers a gripping performance ripe with commanding melodic runs and evocative lyrics to boot.