xdrewgotit shares some new instrumentals for us to rock with

Hardworking indie producer xdrewgotit got a handful of gems in his stash and has shared them with us this week.

“That Time” is the first cut and it starts off with a solemn pad and slowly builds up into a soul-gripping piece ripe with ethereal arps and bass-heavy punchy drums.

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“Remember” has a bright aesthetic with staccato synths and solemn piano chords. The overall textures feel a bit dreamy and positive as well.

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“High” exudes an R&B vibe with its smooth textures and sultry aesthetics. The drums are solid too and hit the mark from start to finish.

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“Talk About It” has a retro-video game feel, the layered synths do complement each other and the seamless transitions and switch-ups are well crafted.

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