zero dB and Daisuke Tanabe release “Anything’s Possible – Daisuke Tanabe Remix”

Chiba, Japan-based musician/producer Daisuke Tanabe has a deep discography that encompasses different disciplines in multi-media. Blending artwork installations, sound-infused art and multi-faceted stage performances, he has built himself a fan base from his home country of Japan to the UK. DJ’s zero DB on the other hand have been rocking different events with their unique DJ sets, remixes and B-sides.

Today zero Db has dropped a double release of “Anything’s Possible – Daisuke Tanabe Remix” which also features US-rapper Voice Monet and a remix by Tanabe. The result is an experimental jazz-infused track that showcases Monet’s stylish lyricism and unique cadence that is mellow and somewhat hushed.


Stream “Anything’s Possible – Daisuke Tanabe Remix” on SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Deezer.

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