Lorde Sanctus – “St. Elsewhere” (Video)

While residing on the Coast of California (805) for the past 2 years, Lorde Sanctus delivers us his amazing new music video titled “St. Elsewhere“, its the 3rd single off his upcoming EP “God of the Coast”.  Under his new label/digital media company Connect the Coast

Produced by Tasmanian prodigy Akouo, engineered by the Weeknd’s engineer Joshua Smith (Star Boy), instruments were arranged by the Ruen Brothers and the hook was sung by his childhood choir leader Ramona Pax.

Cheffie – Members (Music Video)

Cheffie (@realcheffie)  drops a massive visual for the cult classic banger “Members.” The UK inspired smash shows the Toronto giant in top form. Repping his legendary T Dot label, Music That Matter(MTM), Cheffie brings his own Weston Road flows to the forefront. The LOX inspired bar spitter has sold out endless shows in his city and has become a staple in Canada’s diverse music scene. After bouncing back emotionally from the death of his label CEO in 2016, Cheffie has been on a lyrical tear. 

His new tape is expected to drop in June, and he will hopefully be able to perform after the coronavirus pandemic slows down.  Although the COVID-19 scare has affected us all, he is still planning to keep his members fed. 
Check out the music video for the fire single below.

Pre Kai Ro – Glo Up

Egyptian enigma pre kai ro’s latest offering comes in the form of the single ‘Glo Up’ from his forthcoming EP of the same title. After an emotionally conflicted 2019, the artist has successfully reached his “glowing up” point as his vocals effortlessly glide with fresh perspectives regarding the highlights and lowlights of his career and love life. The track itself is essentially about pre kai ro coming to terms with the fact that maybe if his love interest loved him back, his life might be nothing like his “glow up.” A tough but necessary justification.

Setting the theme of his 2020 as one of new beginnings and endeavours, the single ‘Glo Up’ serves as kai ro’s introduction to the newfound confidence he seemed to hold back on throughout the moodier tracks such as ‘Baby Boy’ and ‘Mercy’ that came in the later months of 2019.

Arguably one of the most promising emerging R&B artists out right now who is destined for a massive 2020. pre kai ro took the game by storm with some powerful records backed by large numbers in 2019 and is prepared to continue his path towards greatness. With his self titled “Glo Up” EP set to drop March 31st, tune in before this artist completely takes off!

Fat Panda Tuan – “Atari” (Video)

Fat Panda Tuan is an emerging Maryland rapper with a witty style and new music video, titled, “Atari”. A video game inspired visual praising the classic 80s game console. Produced by Alexx, Tuan raps about the popularity of his Japanese culture with slick raps and braggadocious hook. “Atari” was originally released in 2019. The video was directed by Bruke Fasil.

Watch “Atari” now.