Billy Danze (M.O.P.) Reveals ‘Top 5’ (Audio)

Billy Danze, 1/2 of the legendary Hip Hop group M.O.P. reveals his new multi-track single titled ‘Top 5’ available now on Bandcamp. Over the past year, fans have been going stir crazy over his multi-track singles, ultimately leading to the release of his forthcoming album ‘The Billy Danze Project.’

Although ‘top 5’ is brief it’s far from short-lived. With intense energy, Danze delivers unending Quotables and cut-throat bars. He says this about ‘Top 5,’ “short and brutal, 14 minutes and 25 seconds of amazingness.” It’s fair to say that’s an understatement. Get your copy of ‘Top 5’ and connect with Billy Danze below.

Twitter @billdanzemop | Instagram @billydanzem.o.p

SELASSIE shares visuals for “SYMBOLS” [Video]

Ghanaian-born multi-faceted artist Selassie caught our ears and eyes with his new single/video “SYMBOLS” which showcases his expressive and eclectic style. Over a solid drum break and cinematic backdrop, he proceeds to stray from the norm with his unique lyrical schemes and aspirational aesthetics.

The visual is bright and makes use of several abstract motifs underpinned by Selassie’s unique fashion style and off-kilter mannerisms.


Keep up with SELASSIE | YouTube: Twitter: Instagram

Ron Dayvu finds “Substance” within [Video]

Keketso Moteetee, better known by his stage name Ron Dayvu, is a Southern African Alternative Chillhop, pop, R&B rapper, singer, and songwriter. The multi-faceted artist also dabbles in film production, animation, and design but now he drops the visuals for his single “Substance”. The record is an insightful piece that tackles the dual meaning of substance. From substance abuse to being exposed to what having substance entails, Ron Dayvu gives his own take on both terms and delivers a nuanced and relatable performance that listeners can appreciate and even learn from. On the other hand, unlike his peers, Ron Dayvu is completely anti-drug. But instead of taking a stance that so many people who’re on the outside looking in would take – seeing drug addiction as a disease – he instead tells a story of how it is a way to escape suffering, using the words of Dr. Gabor Maté.


Stream “Substance” on Spotify, YouTubeInstagramTikTok.


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Marlowe return with “Past Life” [Video]

Marlowe is a rap duo made up of producer L’Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham. The North Carolina natives have been friends for years and have released two critically-acclaimed albums, headlining US & UK tours and capturing the attention of fans worldwide. right now they are prepping for their third album Marlowe 3, but in the interim, they share the visuals for the single “Past Life”. Bolstered by punchy drums, rich jazzy horns and layered textures, the track exudes a blend of the golden era of hip-hop with a modern twist. The charismatic Solemn Brigham showcases his unparalleled rapping ability as he dives into the duality of living underground and just above it.

The visual concept is engaging too and blends exciting visual effects with Solemn’s expressive performance style.


Marlowe 3 is due for release October 28th on Mello Music Group. Marlowe 3 is a culmination of the growth the duo has had from their previous projects and tours. Everything from the writing to the production changed in a way with both Solemn and L’Orange completely retooling their studios throughout the creation of the project. L’Orange states, “This album feels like a maturity to who we are as a group. We set out to make something that was big, energetic, fun and explosive and I feel like we did that without losing control. I feel like Solemn and I are the best we’ve ever been.”

Stream “Past Life” on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify.

Order/Stream Marlowe 3 here.

Keep up with L’Orange  | Website: Twitter: Instagram

Keep up with Solemn Brigham | Twitter: Facebook: Instagram

Wan Geez feels extra “Sensational”

Rapper/producer Wan Geez drops his single “Sensational” which serves as the lead single from his EP Almost There II. Over a bouncy and energetic vocal sample-driven backdrop, he delivers a flurry of bravado-laden bars. The record is a pure showcase of her lyrical prowess and an introduction to new fans who might not be privy to his style.

Stream “Sensational” on  DeezerYouTube, and Apple Music.


Keep up with Wan Geez  | Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram

Top submissions EP3 Sept 2022

The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Roisin Quinn – “Don’t Look Down”

Singer/songwriter Roisin Quinn shares the new single “Don’t Look Down”, a heartfelt single that implores us to keep on pushing regardless of the craziness around us. Over a moody and somewhat sparse backdrop, she delivers a distinct alluring performance underpinned by insightful and encouraging lyrics.



Aaliyah Nicole – “Out In Space”


Emerging singer/songwriter Aaliyah Nicole pops on our radar with  “Out In Space”, an expressive piece that showcases her unbridled songwriting and distinct melodic style. The soft sombre backdrop sure works with her gripping harmonies, inflections and graphic lyrics.




Sareem Poems x Madi -“Fallen Stars”


“love won’t flow until you give it its space” is the watchword in the new record from rapper Sareem Poems and producer Madi. The song in question is titled “Fallen Stars” and it’s as reflective as they come and filled with aspiration themes and implores us to practice self-love and embrace who we are in totality.




Illie Isamar – “Say You Will”

California-based Illie Isamar is an emerging rapper who also produces her own music. On her new release “Say You Will”, she embodies the spirit of a go-getter who is out to achieve her goals regardless of the obstacles in her way. Bolstered by the moody and punchy backdrop laid before her, she delivers a brilliant performance ripe with aspirational lyrics that aim to inspire listeners to chase their dreams with intent.



Lee Laamaj – “Feel.”

Singer/songwriter Lee Laamaj pours his heart into his new single “Feel.” Over a sombre and solemn piano-driven soundscape, he muses on his past love and how eve though they are apart, he still feels something for her.

Raymond Barnett – “Humility”

Raymond Barnett‘s “Humility” is a heartfelt and reflective tune that explores the rapper’s hopes and dreams. Over a smooth and bouncy backdrop, he delivers a melodic performance underpinned by aspirational lyrics that reinforce his struggles and the hope for a better tomorrow.



CDugz – “On The Move” ft. Aaron Dews

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based rapper CDugz is “On The Move”. The record is an anthem for the go-getter and sees the rapper in his bag as he reminds us that he is not slowing down or paying attention to the detractors. Joining him on the track is Aaron Dew who adds his own unique touch.





Vic Sage – “TAX” (feat. Chuuwee)

Vic Sage gets down and dirty wt the “TAX”. The punchy bass-heavy track displays his stylish flow and no holds barred style which he uses to the fullest extent. He is also joined by Sac town emcee Chuuwee who follows suit with a strong verse.


B dot Fresh – “Colorado”

B dot Fresh‘s “Colorado” is a candid and heartfelt single that was inspired by the dreams he had with his ex-girl before they broke up. Over a sombre guitar-laden backdrop, the rapper digs deep to the good times they had and muses on the things he did wrong and what he could have done right but overall he has to come to terms with his decisions.



KEIDA SMOKES – “Digital Dash”


Eclectic rapper KEIDA SMOKES once again shows us his unique style in his new release “Digital Dash”. The music production is sublime and layered, it sure strays from the expected with its cinematic textures and dreamy synths. the raps are delivered in a stream-of-consciousness style by the way.

Hustle Holic Wudda – “FAST SPEED”

“FAST SPEED” is a cinematic and hard-hitting record from emerging rapper Hustle Holic Wudda. Armed with his commanding flow and authoritative lyrics, he brings pure bravado to the forefront.



Paul Prodigy – “Reggaeton”

Paul Prodigy brings a new vibe with his new single “Reggaeton” which sees him paying tribute to the bubby genre. Over punchy drums and hazy textures, the rapper delivers a fun-filled and hearty p[erformance underpinned by easy-to-follow raps and a memory hook to boot.

Polo Jordan x Croz – “No Regrets”

Polo Jordan and Croz share this reflective collaboration titled “No Regrets”. The track is a moody cinematic piece that centers around loyalty, broken friendship and self-growth amidst naysayers and detractors. The emcees pour their heart on wax and remind us that they paid their dues and with all the hurdles they scaled over, it’s destined that they will make it.






“MID SEPTEMBER” continues singer/songwriter KID TRAVIS‘s weekly release and sure delivers the goods. Over a sombre guitar arrangement, he gives an emotive performance ripe with evocative lyrics that sees him musing on his crush who he is afraid to approach.

Jimi Jupiter – “Losing It”


Emerging emcee Jimi Jupiter‘s new release “Losing It” is as eclectic as they come. Over a soothing piano-driven backdrop, the rapper delivers a vivid performance with his distinct vocals and stylish demeanour.

Daniel Saad – “My Time”


Daniel Saad shares his journey thus far in his new single “My Time”, a sombre and heartfelt track that is underpinned by his candid lyricism and emotive performance. This is the outro of his debut album The Greatest Story I Never Told.


Citero – “Lullabies for Judgement Day”


Citero’s “Lullabies for Judgement Day” is a vivid and somewhat gloomy take on the way the world is right now. Over a sombre and moody backdrop, he delivers fiery bars filled with black humour and off-kilter lines.

JRoberts – “North Side” (feat. Tone Spliff) produced by Blanxx


JRoberts takes us deep into the “North Side”, a hard-hitting record ripe with dark menacing soundscapes, punchy drums produced by Blanxx and vivid lyrical schemes. He is joined by Tone Spliff who adds his own touch to the track.


SHOWTIME RAMON – “Gold Machismo” Prod. Peru

Emerging underground emcee SHOWTIME RAMON is back with the “Gold Machismo”. The track produced by Peru is as moody as they come and sees the rapper in full bravado mode as he expresses both his physical and lyrical changes and how he is in his element as far as rap.

Seeeyegee x Alyssa Jane – “Heavy”

Producer/rapper duo Seeeyegee and Alyssa Jane are not new to us and on their new single titled “Heavy”, they remind us of their undeniable chemistry. Over a haunting and cinematic guitar-laden backdrop, Alyssa paints vivid pictures giving us a sneak peek into her life and the hurdles she has to overcome.

Abri – “Higher (Breathe Easy)”


UAE-based artist Abri delivers a smooth dance/soul number titled “Higher (Breathe Easy)” on our list. Over a bouncy and lush backdrop, Abri thrills us with his airy melodic runs and commanding vocal tones, ultimately delivering the perfect summer dance jam.


M Soto – “Emotions”

Brooklyn, NY rapper/producer M Soto comes through on our list with his new single “Emotions”. The song is heartfelt and relatable as the rapper takes time to muse on heartbreak and the aftermath of picking up the pieces while enjoying the good memories before moving on.

Azarias x Nappy Nina – “Somethin’ Fair”

Chicago-based Experimental hip-hop producer Azarias links with rapper Nappy Nina for this off-kilter collaboration titled “Somethin’ Fair”. The production is cinematic and brooding but Nappy Nina sounds comfortable and delivers a fiery performance ripe with graphic lyrics that keep listeners locked in.

Sam Azura – “Hold You Tight”

Germany-based hip-hop artist Sam Azura makes his entry on our list with “Hold You Tight”. The record is an upbeat soulful track that sees him exploring the true essence of love between him and his girl.

Joe Stu – “prey 4 us”


US-based emcee Joe Stu and UK-based producer Yeshen have teamed up for a collaborative project and now they share their new single “prey 4 us”. The track is made up of dreamy and psychedelic sound design with punchy drum grooves while Joe Stu delivers a fiery performance. Armed with his animated flow and vivid lyrics he breaks down how the prison system adversely affects the prisoner and his/her family.
“prey4us” is a single from the duo’s Across Waters EP.

Phenam – “Brazil”


Emerging producer Phenam takes us to “Brazil” in his new single. The track is produced by Fredro Starr from Multi-Platinum Rap Group Onyx, who laces him with a hypnotic backdrop. Phenam shares a tale of blossoming love and pours adulations on the love of his life. The track is the single from his new EP Presto.

Mr. SOS – “Catch Me If You Can”

After bringing us “Peace & Prosperity” some months ago, Mr. SOS returns with “Catch Me If You Can”, a reflective single that dwells on heartbreak and tough times. Over the sombre and moody backdrop produced by his longtime collaborator Maxamill, Mr. SOS gives a vivid picture of a man going through the motions and his journey to self-love

Stream on All DSPs here.

Pro Dillinger x Chubs Drop Hard Hitting New Street Anthem “Hustlers Hope”

Pro Dillinger and CHUBS team up to create a street anthem giving all the hustlers out there some hope with their new single and video premiere titled “Hustlers Hope“. With Pro and Chubs gritty styles playing off one another while complementing the dark grimy production of Fumes The Threat, you are sure to feel like you are reliving the attitude era of WWF while bumping this hard core tune.

Chubs and Fumes TT are rumored to be dropping an LP together, no official release date as of yet but after hearing this contagious hook with gutter talk word play; You’ll be looking forward to hearing what a project from these guys would sound like.

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Shanae looks for answers within the “Illusions”

Sydney Australia-born singer/songwriter Shanae was born to South African parents. She grew up soaking up the cultures between Australia and her parent’s home country of South Africa with music being the focal point connecting her ties to both countries. Her deep roots in Gospel music and Cape-Townian Jazz, mixed with her love for Neo-Soul, RnB and Hip-Hop have allowed her to create music without boundaries, enabling her to write and perform from a place of true freedom and absolute certainty. 

She released her debut single “Come On Over” in 2021 followed by 2 more songs and now she returns with her 4th solo release titled “Illusions” which showcases her distinct vocals to the world. Bolstered by Rory Noble‘s mellow and dreamy soundscape made up of warm keys, ethereal pads and soft percussions, Shanae pours her heart on wax and delivers a gripping melodic performance ripe with emotion, vulnerability and unbridled candidness. On the track, she digs deep and questions how one knows if they are in love. Shanae is unapologetic and gives listeners an insightful take that everyone can appreciate.

Stream “Illusions” on  SoundCloudApple MusicYouTubeDeezer

Keep up with  Shanae | Soundcloud: Youtube: Spotify

Shailaun is feeling the intense “Love Overflow” [Video]

Dallas, Texas-based Shailaun is a multi-talented independent artist who is a model, actress, singer-songwriter and producer.  At a young age, she learned how to play various instruments, ranging from the viola, alto sax and percussions and also honed her vocals in tow. She spent some years in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Madrid, Spain, soaking up the different musical cultures and now back in Dallas, she has proceeded to work with grammy award winning producers such as Rickey (Slikk Muzik) Offord and Maduwku Chinwah, acted in more than a handful of commercials, films, music videos and modelled for magazines like Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and others.

Shailaun released her debut album Spread Love on the 11th of February, 2022 and now returns with the visuals for the single “Love Overflow” which showcased her dynamic vocal range and music production prowess. Over lush guitar riffs, atmospheric strings and soft percussion grooves, Shailaun pours her heart on wax and muses on the love she ad her partner share and how it fills her up with so much joy and happiness that it is sometimes hard to explain.

For the visuals, director Shalaundra Manning helped brings the singer’s expressive and natural aura to the screens with a focus on performance shots and sensual bonding scenes between her and the male lead played by Sven Nickerson.


Stream “Love Overflow” on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music

Connect with  Shailaun: SoundCloud  | Website |  Facebook  | Spotify | Instagram

Lord Willin Struggles Between Good And Evil With New Video “Broken Windows” FT. XL The Beast

Rhode Island’s Lord Willin follows up his latest collaborative projects S.A.I.N. and Temple Of The Goons produced by Stubangas with a new solemn and dark visual Broken Windows FT. XL The Beast. The gloomy track is produced by Nickel Plated with additional production from The Arcitype then shot and edited by Sandofilms.

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