B.H. Tryggs & Black Canvas Are on the Road to Glory on ”The Renaissance II” (Album Review)

This is the 2nd collaborative album between Grand Rapids emcees B.H. Tryggs & Black Canvas. Coming up as members of the OxfordGang crew, the duo have most definitely worked with each other numerous of the times within the last 4 years dating back to the 2 features Tryggs had on Canvas’ debut EP Triple Hero. They even put out The Renaissance together last summer & are already keeping the series going by reuniting to dropping a sequel.

“Underworld” is a Black Canvas solo cut to kick off with a piano/boom bap instrumental talking about they gon’ respect the shooter whereas “Reefer Madness” finds the duo over some strings & dusty drums to express their love for weed. “B.C. Sniper” takes a more solemn route flexing their prowesses just before “Master Sword” is a synthesizer/boom bap combo talking about how much heart they have. Meanwhile on the orchestral “Kisses from Rogue”, we have these guys declaring themselves to be the best in the business leading into the shimmering “Godspeed” asking how one desires to live & be remembered.

“Genesis” is a Black Canvas solo cut with an organ, a vocal sample & some hi-hats pouring his heart out lyrically while the song “Kill Hercules” is another Canvas solo dolo moment except with a more morbid trap tone talking about how he can’t be stopped. Tryggs links back up for the penultimate track “90’s All-Stars” returning to the boom bap comparing life to a double-rim & to round it all off, “40 Love” details being on the road to glory backed by a trap instrumental with a medieval loop.

From what I’ve heard from both these dudes so far, I think The Renaissance II is a refinement of the predecessor. The Oracle comes up with some incredibly interesting ideas throughout the production he cooks up throughout this whole album with both MCs pinging off each other lyrically excellently showing the world how hungry they really are. Will we get a 3rd installment of The Renaissance series next summer? Only time will tell.

Score: 8/10

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Listen to Ill Natured’s new single titled “ILL Natured Part 2”

South African rap group Ill Natured made up of rapper Cosmic Rayne and producer Abstract Soundz are not green to TWIB and on their latest release “ILL Natured Part 2”, they once again deliver their unique classic jazz-infused boom bap sounds. The production has a dusty and reflective feel with its sombre piano riff, punchy drums and horns which is perfect for Cosmic’s insightful bars on the state of modern rap where almost everything is gimmicky. The record is tied up by a brilliant chorus taken from The Roots‘ “What they do”.

“ILL Natured part 2” is the third release from the ILL Natured EP.

Stream “ILL Natured part 2” on Deezer


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Bolt Seminar takes us deep into the “Bruised Island”

hip-hop duo Bolt Seminar made up of producer John Sarastro and rapper Dell Wells  returns with the brand new single “Bruised Island” which detail the struggle through the proverbial concrete jungle that is built to engulf us. Over John Sarastro‘s cinematic and off-kilter backdrop made up of atmospheric textures and a steady pulsating bassline and minimal percussions, Dell Wells takes us deep into the jungle as he weaves and dodges the predators and various characters who are ready to take advantage of one’s shortcomings. The chorus interpolates the classic pop tune “Down Under” by Men At Work.

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Neela finds solace in “Exposed”

Shuffling between Toronto and Vancouver, singer/songwriter Neela has built her reputation in the local theatre and music scenes in those cities. This in turn brought her to renowned producer Beatchild who helped craft Neela’s debut EP Lovers in Danger in 2018. The following year, she started working with Grammy-winning producer Chin Injeti on her sophomore EP, Prelude,  a project which seamlessly fused soul with pop and showcased her versatility as an artist.

Now she returns with a brand new single “Exposed”, a heartfelt and insightful track that explores self-love, growth and being comfortable in one’s skin. Over the soothing and reflective backdrop made up of lush guitar riffs, rich textures and sparsely arranged drums, Neela gets candid and shares with us all her flaws and all. She doesn’t hold back and delivers an ear-gripping performance ripe with evocative lines that detail her journey and experience on self-acceptance.

“Exposed,” is the title track from her upcoming third EP, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Akeel Henry and Kofo (Giveon, Loony, Shawn Mendes).

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Wolfskind & Bayuk share new single “75%” featuring LLucid

Emerging young Berlin-based duo Wolfskind & Bayuk  have joined forces to bring the world their eclectic musical styles. Both artists have interesting backgrounds and histories in media and entertainment.Wolfskind started in 2016 uploading unofficial remixes on SoundCloud before he signed with Universal Music Publishing, where he got into songwriting for the first time. This was where he met Bayuk who help trigger his love for making music once more and the rest is history.

Bayuk also started in 2016 when he tried unsuccessfully to secure a spot to study arts and media studies but by happenstance, a record he did on Garage band got into the hands of German indie producer Tobias Siebert, who then wanted to work on an album with him. He went on to drop his solo album under his own label in 2018 while playing numerous shows which led to him meeting Wolfskind and the two men formed an eternal musical bond.

The duo’s latest release “75%” is a mix of alternative pop, soul and hip-hop and sees them working with newcomer Llucid. The production is as eclectic as they come and it has an airy and ethereal vibe the piano progressions and lush textures blend perfectly while Llucid delivers a fiery rap verse ripe with insight and some bravado to match.

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MOAN shares new single titled “We”

MOAN‘s new release “We” was actually recorded about 2 years ago but got delayed due to the rapper’s personal struggles and now he finds more reason to share it with the world at large. It is taken from an album that also got destroyed at the same time and the release of the track serves as a way for him to clear out the proverbial closet with this reflective and positive record that shows his vulnerability on many levels. Over the sombre piano-driven backdrop, he pours his candid thoughts on wax and we hear how his journey to sobriety wasn’t a walk in the park but with determination, he was able to get free of his demons.


Listen to the full album Truth & Decay below.

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Check out Britt Jayee’s new “Last Time”

Songwriter/rapper Britt Jayee is not new to us and has been delivering solid records for a minute and on her new single “Last Time” she once again shows why she should be reckoned with. Bolstered by a dark and haunting backdrop, she gets down and candid with the story telling and vivid lyricism. Armed with her laidback and soft vocal tone, she paints graphic pictures with a commanding tone and details how she separates the fake from the real ones.


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Inkswel and Colonel Red team up for “Hold On 2 It” [Video]

Multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Colonel Red is a veteran performer and has a solid reputation in the UK scene. He started as the lead singer of the group Pride n’ Politix before going solo and from there he started working and writing songs for legends like Teddy Pendergrass, Amp Fiddler, Maurice White, Tony Allen and others to being one of the UK’s top singer/songwriters.  Australian producer Inkswel is also a veteran producer and has numerous projects on labels like BBE, Atjazz, Sonar Kollektiv, and Warner Music and has worked with names like Talib Kweli, Lee Scratch Perry, Amp Fiddler and more. Inkswel also steers the ship of independent soul label Inner Tribe Records, which has released groundbreaking soul music from the likes of Mitsu The Beats, Kid Sublime, Rela & Beka, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Jus, Edseven, Kaidi Tatham and Jsoul.

Now the duo has come together for this brilliant effort titled “Hold On 2 It” which serves as their sophomore collaborative single. The record is as silky as they come and it’s ripe with lush and warm textures with soft drum grooves all underpinned by Colonel Red’s commanding and melodic vocal runs.

The visual is made up of performance shots of Colonel Red doing his thing in different spots. It’s straightforward and the use of minimal visual effects sure makes it organic as well.

“Hold On 2 It” is the second single to be released from the upcoming LP ‘Holders Of The Sun Vol.1’ (out September 30th) by Inkswel & Colonel Red.

Stream on YouTube, and Spotify.

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TURNA and Gillian Mapp implore us to “Hold On”

Manchester, UK-based producer/DJ TURNA is back with a new single titled “Hold On” which sees him teaming up with vocalist Gillian Mapp. The mid-tempo experimental tune is made up of moody textures, a vocal sample and somewhat rumbling drums that form the perfect backbone for Gillian’s sultry melodic runs. The progression of the track is quite sublime and it slowly builds up as Gillian’s hushed vocals seamlessly engulf it.


Stream “Hold On” on Spotify

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Estella Dawn shares new seductive single titled “Steal Your Girl”

Eclectic genre-bending singer/songwriter returns Estella Dawn with a new single “Steal Your Girl” showcasing her versatility in all its glory. The retro-styled bass-laden jam sees her embodying the spirit of a seductress who can literally steal your girl’s heart in a jiffy. Estella delivers a soothing and sultry performance ripe with candid and vivid lyrics that keep listeners locked in. The production is quite dynamic and blends a mix of pop, EDM and bass music in a seamless manner.

Stream “Steal Your Girl” on SoundCloud, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

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