Boldy James Drops 2nd Consecutive Classic of the Year with “Mr. Ten-08” (Album Review)

Boldy James is a 39 year old MC from Detroit, Michigan who broke out in the fall of 2013 off his Alchemist produced debut M.1.C.S. (My 1st Chemistry Set). He would later go on to land a contract with Nas’ independent label Mass Appeal Records for a little while before getting locked up but once Boldy came home, Uncle Al would help get his name back out there once getting out by dropping the Boldface EP around Christmas 2019 & then the sophomore album The Price of Tea in China at the beginning of last year. This was followed up with the Sterling Toles-produced Manger on McNichols which was as equally fantastic, but the Griselda Records-backed Versace Tape EP was a tad bit disappointing given how rushed it was. Bo Jackson though would become his most critically acclaimed work to date & Super Tecmo Bo was almost as great for an EP despite IceColdBishop’s verse on “Hot Water Tank”. But not even a month after linking up with Nicholas Craven for the critically acclaimed Fair Exchange No Robbery, he’s enlisting Futurewave for his 6th album.

“The Whole Hundro” is a drumless yet groovy opener with Boldy talking what he’s gonna do if someone goes against the grain whereas “Mortermir Milestone” takes a more jazzy boom bap route coming clean that he’s still on the corner rocking them Sawyers. “Smacked” has a more ghostly atmosphere to it talking about the hustler life just before the synth-laced “Dormin’s” gets back on that 1 shit & I think 2100 Bagz did a pretty solid job with the hook here.

However on “My Double Trigger”, we have Futurewave working in a chipmunk soul sample for Boldy to talk about blasting any motherfucker who’s dumb enough to run up on him leading into the drumless yet dark “Disco Fever” talking about having tricky moves. “Could Be Worse” though has a more glossy yet slicker sound talking about putting a little bit of the dope in a bag & a purse, but then “Flag on the Play” has a more calmer vibe sonically advising to stand down ‘cause that bag’s on the way.

The guitar licks throughout the penultimate track “Jam Master J” are an infectious touch to the instrumental as he intricately talks about being the King of Rock & referred to as the Jam Master with “Indivisible” closing the album with a shimmery boom bap beat that switches up into a soulful loop during the 2nd half praying to God to ensure that these streets don’t eat him alive.

It hasn’t even been a little over a month since Fair Exchange No Robbery quickly became amongst the greatest bodies of work that Boldy has ever put out thus far & here we are at the beginning of November with him dropping another classic that’s just as amazing if not better. Much like that previous album, here you got a skilled MC from the 313 continuing to tell tales of his crime life with one of few best producers in Canada right now masterfully resurrecting the boom bap style that the predecessor respectfully lacked in.

Score: 9/10

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