DDG Makes Halle Bailey An Adorable Award Show After Losing Recent Nominations 

DDG earned major brownie points from Halle Bailey and her fans after surprising the singer with an adorable award show. 

The rapper and YouTuber explained that he wanted to honor the mother of his newborn after she failed to win any of her recent nominations.  

“Me and Halle went to the NAACP Awards,” DDG began. “She got nominated for three awards. She also got nominated for a Grammy earlier in the year. But I was kinda mad that she didn’t win. I feel like she should have won at least one of the awards.” 

He continued, “I was very very upset that she didn’t win knowing how much of an impact she made on the Black community last year and it’s a Black award show. She was kinda down and out about it.” 

DDG told Halle to “forget them awards” before plotting his own ceremony. “She has no idea what’s going on,” he wrote alongside a video of the award show.  

“Halle Bailey for the best woman award,” he said in the clip, as Halle became visibly emotional 

The last trophy was presented by their son, Halo, “for the best mother award.” 

“You don’t have to do that. Why did you do that?” The Little Mermaid star said in between sobs. 

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While some Halle Bailey fans have been vocal with their disapproval over the singer and actress dating DDG, he was widely praised for the award show 

“DDG doing the Halle Awards to cheer her up was quite literally the cutest thing,” wrote one fan. 

“DDG noticed she’s been moody and he goes out to buy 6 award and did a whole award presentation show for her,” another added. 

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