Estella Dawn crafts an anthem for the “Winners” [Video]

Eclectic singer/songwriter Estella Dawn returns with the expressive visuals for her single “Winners” which showcases her unapologetic demeanour and profound songwriting prowess. The self-produced record is layered and rich from the jump with lush guitar plucks, and pulsating basslines and the blues aesthetics are pronounced as well. She doesn’t hold back and delivers a soul-stirring vocal performance ripe with unbridled confidence and a relatable message that implores listeners to never back down and strive to achieve their dreams. Estella’s vocals are commanding, and sultry and often exude a devil-may-care vibe that accentuates her stylish inclinations and lines like “My mama didn’t raise no quitter, I’m a winner, baby I’m a winner” also reinforce her stance.

The visual concept is quite engaging and blends different performance shots of Estella in various settings as she truly embodies who she is.

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