ReadyRockDee ft. RJ Payne – “Boom Shakalaka (Remix)”

ReadyRockDee is back to deliver some new heat for the streets in the form of a fresh single titled “Boom Shakalaka.” This go-around, Dee links with Philly rapper RJ Payne, who is a very respect emcee in his City. The Tu$hay-produced cut is just a taste of what fans can expect on ReadyRockDee’s recent project, “Flow God 4,” which spawned the single. You can stream the project now across all available DSPs.

Check out “Boom Shakalaka” below and/or on your DSP of choice.

Wilhelm Duke – “Elixir” (Album)

Swedish American rapper Wilhelm Duke is taking over the lyric game in Chicago. His new project “Elixir” represents a collection of 13 singles he started working on in early 2018 while in his former hip hop duo Bombay Boyz.. Every song on here is symbolic of his growth as the styles of hip hop vary. “Elixir” is a record concocted of cutting edge sounds, bellowing vocals, and brilliant lyricism.

Listen To Shwensdz’ Latest Releases

Shwensdz gets the audience hyped with his latest release “Barky Back,” and “Plug It In” and announces the release of a brand new track “Money Play”. 

As the press release notes: The versatile Shwensdz has been musically gifted from an early age. Set out to become a performer and professional pop, R&B, Hip-Hop Singer, he believes natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will and determination has helped push his artistry forward and continues to drive their development and success. Shwensdz has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music.

Check out Shwensdz on Spotify, and stay tuned for more! 

I-K-E – “Yo Soy Un Rey” (Video)

I-K-E stands for Inspiring Kings Everywhere. As a Mexican-American Hip Hop artist, I-K-E is used to being underestimated, and has worked tirelessly at his craft as both an MC and producer to exceed all expectations. He marries a variety of Hip Hop and musical influences, always emphasizing hard drums, soulful melodies, catchy hooks, and top-tier lyricism.

His new self-produced single “Yo Soy Un Rey” is the first single off his upcoming album. It’s a song of affirmation for Latinos and others who have faced oppression and discrimination in America, reminding them of their resilience and rich heritage. His verses touch on everything from ICE to educational inequities, and a third verse, complimented by a beat switch, explains some of the motivation behind creating this song and album.

November Shares Messy New Video, “Antisocialite”

Toronto Trap & B recording artist November, also known as Novac4ne, is rising up the ranks after establishing himself with his widely successful debut single “Demons.” Now, he returns with a toxic new visual for his new single, titled, “Antisocialite.”

In the video, November suffers from a woman’s scorn as he lays in the trunk, tied up and gagged, with his love interest taking him to his final destination. Throughout the ride, the rising star reflects on his screws up and aspirations to repair the relationship. The single’s vibe is smooth, dark and electronic. The perfect origin point for any newfound fan of the northern.

A brief backstory on November, he had gone quiet for a couple of years due to personal reasons and eventually fell out of touch with the love for making music. During his hiatus, he started finding his way back to the music and started to slowly work on new music and links up with Toronto-based Artist/Producer Sha Hustle, and Sony Canada Artist Swaggerrite. He found his way back to the craft, and his love for making music/expressing himself. November has been constantly working on new music for his dedicated fans that have been patiently waiting.

“Antisocialite” will appear on November’s next project arriving 2021. “Antisocialite” is available now on 24K Music Group. Stream it here and follow November on social media.

Watch the complete video below.