Duece Uno Drops ‘Era Of Duece’ LP

Florida has been a melting pot for new music and artists over the past 5 years. With that being said, Duece Uno is a new artist to check out that is currently making some noise out of the sunshine state. Delivering a new project titled, Era Of Duece, the artist provides a versatile offering that perfectly showcases his sound and abilities.

Life hasn’t been easy for Duece as he compares life to a “Roller coaster ride”, yet the young artist looks to depict his stories through his music and bring more light to Florida and Broward County.

With standout singles like “Lost Love” and “Kash Doll”, Duece Uno provides a 13 track project that is sure to gain your interest. With more new music on the way and a possible project, we suggest being on the lookout for Duece Uno as he continues to grow and make a name.

Stream it now.

G4 Jag – “Progression” (Video)

G4 Jag and Mephux come together in the music video for the lead single “Progression” off of their upcoming collaborative EP of the same name dropping 9/11. Mr. Meetmeinthesky AKA G4 Jag has recently announced that he has signed to Flee Lord‘s re-branded LORD MOBB label, and Flee executive produced the project as well.

Mumblz – “Beats From The Crypt” (Tape Review)

Many times it takes a lot for us to review a beat tape since so many these days are making the same 808 type beats on Fruity Loops.  Seems like anybody can be a producer these days with software and a laptop.  But thank GOD there is a breath of fresh air with one of a kind projects like “Beats From The Crypt” by Rochester’s very own Mumblz. The title of the project and artwork immediately caught my attention since I’m a huge fam or dar and grimy beats, always bumping beats from Necro, Doom, and Daringer. Halloween came early this year!

Uploaded exclusively on Rudy Williams T.V., every beat on this tape is fully produced by Mumblz on the SP-404 and recorded live. I will be highlighting a few beats off this project, and then will leave it up to the fans to consume the rest.  After listening to all 10-tracks, it’s kinda hard to find highlights since all the beats are straight bangers. Let’s highlight “Never Again”, the follow up to the intro. This beat screams GRISELDA!!! Literally one of those dudes will eat this beat up. The stings sample along with those snares and drums takes be back to the days when producers kept it authentic.  Mumblz slows down the tempo a bit with “Bodies”. I literally envision a serial killer getting revenge on all who betrayed him, burying them in a place where nobody could find his victims. With “Mummy Walk”, for some reason I hear an emcee like Conway The Machine all over this type of beat. The “Mumblz Theme”, is probably the darkest beat off the project, perfectly in line for placement in horror movies. It’s a short beat giving us a glimpse of the talented producers creative process.

I’m shocked this is Mumblz debut project since he’s been in the scene for well over 2 decades. His foundation as a DJ in the early 2000’s I feel gives him the upper edge in knowing what die hard Hip Hop heads want to hear.  Be on the lookout with future works with names like Romez, ETO, Riggz, Rudy Will, and many more rising emcees. I score their project a 9/10, a rating a rarely give only to those that represent that true Hip Hop.

Below is the track list and time stamps to reference “Beats From The Crypt“.

1. Enter the Crypt – 00:00
2. Never again – 00:36
3. Assassins – 02:13
4. Same dam Lo – 03:25
5. Bodies – 05:18
6. Never come close – 06:27
7. Mummy walk – 08:00
8. Mumblz theme – 09:24
9. Poof – 10:48
10. The Truth – 12:02


Since a child, Queens, New York recording artist Brodie Fresh has been destined to achieve musical greatness. At the age of 5, he began performing in the church, by the time he was an adult, his vocals took him all over the country. Transitioning into Hip Hop several years ago, he has performed alongside a laundry list of a-listers, including, King Los, Jadakiss and the late-Nipsey Hussle. The release of his lead single, “New York,” put Brodie Fresh on everyone’s radar which features guest appearances by Troy Ave and the late-Chinx. Fast forward, Brodie Fresh prepares for the biggest release of his career with his campaigns lead single, titled, “Proud of Me.”

Like his many releases before, “Proud of Me” showcases Brodie Fresh’s diverse lyrical abilities. Music in his blood, Fresh is a promised star in today’s ever-changing Hip Hop landscape. Fresh is well-knowledged, witty, and magnetic on “Proud of Me.” It’s only a matter of time before the rest of Hip Hop is hypnotized by this star’s undeniable hit-making.

“Proud of Me” follows the previous 2020 efforts “Biggs” and “WBAWP (Breathe).” Both set to appear on Fresh’s forthcoming project, titled, Lost & Found. And with the breakout singles, features guest appearances by Dom Kennedy, Flipp Dinero, Tsu Surf and Fivio Foreign. Lost & Found will take fans on a journey through the up and downs of Brodie Fresh as an ascending artist in today’s music. Lost & Found is scheduled for a Fall 2020 release.

“Proud of Me” is available on Brodie Fresh’s own imprint. For everything Brodie Fresh, follow him on Instagram.

Mitchell James – “Vintage” (EP Review)

This is the brand new EP from Fort Collins, Colorado rapper Mitchell James. He just dropped an short project last winter called Further Notice & about 9 months later, he’s ready to follow it up with Vintage.

The EP starts off with the title track, where Mitch talks about not passing up his opportunity over a 9th Wonder-inspired boom bap beat. The next song “PB & J” with Honey Boy, Duke Shoota & Trav the Trigger sees the 4 getting romantic over an joyous instrumental & then the closer “Some Kind of Outro” looks back on his past along with discussing where he’s at over a trunk-knocking beat.

Not a bad EP in my opinion. The production is very colorful & this might be the most passionate that Mitch has ever sounded it. Curious to hear where he goes from here.

Score: 7/10