Logan Wood shares new EP titled ‘Pardon My Name’

Canadian Artist and producer Logan Wood  is back with a brand new project entitled Pardon My Name. The 7 track EP is self-produced and written by Logan who gives quite an incredible performance with choice topics that listeners can rock with.

The EP starts with “Delivery”, a cinematic track made up of a haunting piano riff and dark synths. Logan opens up with an impassioned flow and bravado raps. This is followed by the title track which continues Logan’s lyric-heavy style over a bouncy trap backdrop and it also comes with a memorable hook as well. D.S.P.T-U” is an acronym for Drink, Smoke, Plot, Turn-Up and sees Logan having fun as he steps onto the scene with a carefree flow and ethereal soundscape. The mood changes as the track “Why Them, Not Me” comes in with its somber aesthetics. The record digs deep into the concept of finding success in the music industry. He reflects on the way the industry has changed in this modern era and how success seems to elude him even though he is multi-talented. The fifth track High Enough” has an off-kilter and moody vibe with a speaker crunching bassline perfect for clubs and car stereos. As expected Logan goes all out with the rhyme schemes and witty wordplay. The EP closes out with “All Night Long (All I Want)”, a heartfelt track written for his girl and it showcases a vulnerable side of the rapper.

The project is quite engaging and shows how Logan can switch up his style at will and still be comfortable and natural.

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NugLife, Planet Asia, Vel Nine and The Musalini team up for “SHIMMY SHIMMY ZA”

“SHIMMY SHIMMY ZA” is a quintessential posse cut from producer Nuglife who taps the talents of the legendary Planet Asia, Vel Nine, and The Musalini. The record has a smooth sublime backdrop reminiscent of a warm summer afternoon and is perfect for the emcees to showcase their lyrical wares to the fullest.


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theMVP is “Sick and Tired” [Video]

Rising underground rapper TheMVP is always in the lab and he returns with a new track titled “Sick And Tired” which sees him setting the record straight about fake friends who slither around for personal gains. He makes use of a haunting piano-laden backdrop to pour out his frustrations and lets everyone know that he is literally sick and tired of disloyal individuals.


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Nate Rose presents ‘Pie at the Party’

Cleveland, TN, raised Nate Rose returns with his debut album Pie at the Party, an 11-track body of work that celebrates his journey from an independent artist to a music connoisseur who gives his all through his music.

The project opens up with a cinematic tune titled ‘Hatchet” which sees him setting the tone on his own terms, he takes no for answers and breaks the mold with his commanding vocals, impassioned flows, and unbridled bravado. This is followed by the bouncy “Hollywood” where he flexes on the opposition and naysayers who flock around and try to pocket watch his moves. In “Goofy” he makes use of a moody and dark backdrop and as the title says, he gets into his carefree mode and takes us into his world filled with fast women, shiny things, and much more. The following tracks “Flip” and “Anyday” features Jon Keith and Reo Cragun respectively. The former has a haunting sound and the emcees deliver pure braggadocio bars while the latter has a smooth melodic vibe and details Nate’s go-getter mindset. Nate gets into an introspective mode in the somber bass-heavy tune “Tortoise & The Hare” which uses the classic Tortoise and Hare story as an analogy to emerging artists hastily rushing into record deals without having foresight. The project closes out with “Bet She Do”, a sublime atmospheric track that has a nostalgic vibe.

Overall the project shows Nate Rose’s songwriting skills and love for hard-hitting trap soundscapes, heartfelt lyrics and of course the bravado and stylish themes that make him tick.



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Showrocka , DAPHYA and Cappadonna team up for this heartfelt tune titled “Call You Bae”

Showrocka links with the legendary Cappadonna and singer DAPHYA for this adulation-filled heartfelt tune titled “Call You Bae”. Over a smooth soulful backdrop rip with soulful textures and somber piano riffs, the emcees pay tribute to their respective partners who held them down. The lyrics are candid, and honest and really show a different side to these hard-nosed rappers. DAPHYA also comes through with a soothing melodic chorus to tie it all together.

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Brit Fox and Britana deliver a standard “knock out”

“Knock out” is a heartfelt adulation-filled record by multi-talented act Brit Fox, V1, and Ohio battle-rapper Dallas Cash and Britana. Over a pounding, piano-laden backdrop, Britana delivers a soul-gripping performance that sees her pouring her heart on ax for the special someone in her life. Dallas Cash comes through with his bass-laden vocals and vivid rhyme schemes as well.


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L.A. & Kansas City Collide With New Video By Trizz And Producer Mike Summers

Los Angeles rapper Trizz and Kansas City producer MIKE SUMMERS (aka Seven) released the visual for their single “KEEP IT A BUCK“. The audio single was released a couple months ago. Video is shot by Castro of NewHighFilmz. Also check out the duo’s recently released 3-track EP “SUMMER BREAK: THE PREQUEL“.

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Santa Fe Klan Provides UFC Fighter Brandon Moreno’s Soundtrack For TKO Win With “Yo Vengo De Abajo”

Mexico’s top rap sensation Santa Fe Klan joins Mexican-American sibling rap duo Locura Terminal and popular norteño group Los Dareyes de la Sierra for the anthemic single “Yo Vengo de Abajo.”

“Yo Vengo de Abajo,” the perfect theme song for a man who’s had to fight his way into the position he holds today, features UFC Flyweight Champ Brandon Moreno in the music video, who defeated interim Flyweight Champ Kai Kara-France with a third-round TKO on Saturday, July 30 in Dallas, TX.

Released through L.A.-based record label Prajin Records, the video has already surpassed one million views since its release on Friday, July 29. The single follows Santa Fe Klan’s announcement that he is featured on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prologue EP.

“Yo Vengo de Abajo” is an inspiring track that combines the strumming guitar of Regional Mexican sounds with a steady hip-hop beat. Whether through the Spanish raps of Santa Fe Klan & Locura Terminal or the singing of Los Dareyes, the song holds one theme constant: fighting and overcoming. No strangers to the struggle, each delivers their verses that tell of coming from the barrio, struggling, never giving up, and finally making it. “Through respect and sweat earning my name,” Darey sings in the chorus.

With an already impressive catalog, paired with a vast list of releases, Santa Fe Klan furthers his reputation and continues to solidify his name in the industry, leaving much to stay tuned for in the talented artist.

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MOAN gets introspective in new single “Act Volumes” [Video]

MOAN‘s latest release “Act Volumes” sees him in deep retrospect while showing listeners a calmer side to his persona. Over a somber and soulful soundscape, he reflects on the dynamics of life and his own emotional and spiritual growth over the years. He acknowledges his flaws and also appreciates the small things that bring happiness to his being.

The visual was shot in the North and captured the fresh outdoors from the woods, parks, and beach fronts. It strays from using performance shots but rather subtle motifs to capture the calmness of nature and the little things we may have missed as we get entranced by day-to-day hustle and bustle.

“Act Volumes” acts as the final release in MOAN’s trilogy visuals released in the summer


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