Tay Da Crown Ft. J-Ro (The Alkoholiks) “Sober” Video x Vell x Cee-One

Established Hip Hop artist Tay Da Crown releases the official video for “Sober.” The record features J-Ro of The Alkoholiks and Vell with production by Cee-One.

The video with knocking bass and innovative textures exudes a blended west coast and east coast vibe. The video begins with Tay Da Crown in an AA meeting filled with bottles of liquor. He suggests that even as an alcoholic and smoke-aholic he can out-rap all these plastic rappers, “…and then I grab the mic and start spitting out all this rocket fuel.” 

J-Ro comes in heave to pose a question about sobriety. Will the ladies still swarm around, will fans continue to fill arenas shoulder to shoulder, or will careers end?

One thing can be said and resonates, once an Alkoholik always an Alkoholik. Watch the official video for “Sober” and connect below.


Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/taydacrownttg/

YouTube Channel –  https://youtube.com/channel/UC1eGXoSWlsp8VCaAXPp-UXw

Facebook Artist Page –  https://m.facebook.com/100063590917555/

Website – https://taydacrown.com/

Trizz and Mike Summers are the true “MF MENACE”

Trizz and MIKE SUMMERS continue their deluxe album promo with the release of this new single “MF MENACE” which once again showcases the duo’s undeniable chemistry. Bolstered by MIKE’s brooding west-coast-styled production, Trizz proceeds with his characteristic distinct laidback flow and unapologetic lyrical schemes. He sure holds nothing back and reminds listeners that he is not the type to back down from any type of challenge.

The deluxe edition features six brand new tracks (added to the original fourteen) including features with T.F., 2 Eleven, Sahtyre, Traffic, Left Brain, and E.D.I. Mean (of The Outlawz). A limited CD version of the original album will also be forthcoming shortly.

Stream on all DSPs here.


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Autocorrect deliver thought provoking bars in “Leased”

Columba, SC, USA based alternative pop/hiphop group who goes by the moniker of Autocorrect caught our ears with their new single titled “Leased”. The track has a blend of lush, dreamy synths, warm pads, and sparsely arranged drums that are underpinned by a somewhat monotone flow ripe with reflective and insightful songwriting. The song dives into the concept of ownership in this thing called life where everything is leased, even the mind. The song is quite thought-provoking and gives listeners something to ponder as we traverse through this never-ending cycle of life.

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Bloodlin3 announces “Execution Day” feat. Bizzy Bone & AC Killer

Bloodlin3 is the newly formed independent record label that is home to Paducah, KY rappers 2Severe, Reinman Quiji, and Mallachi from El Paso, TX. Their latest release “Execution Day” is a collaboration with the legendary Bizzy Bone and AC Killer and it’s as chilling and engaging as they get. Over a moody piano-driven soundscape produced by G. L. of Virtuosic Productions, the emcees deliver fiery machine gun flows laced with that distinct Bone Thugs melodic styling that we all loved. 2Severe, Reinman Quiji, Mallachi set the tone with their distinct bravado-laden flows and a Krayzie Bone-inspired hook to boot before Bizzy Bone comes in with his distinct melodic cadence followed by AC Killer’s commanding raps.

Watch the visualizer below.


Stream “Execution Day”  on Spotify, and YouTube.

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Top instrumental submissions EP2 Nov 2022

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kendrick James – “Three’s Company”

Multi-instrumentalist Kendrick James helped set off this week’s instrumental list with “Three’s Company”, a funky jam that blends pop, jazz, and funk in a seamless manner. The guitars are lush and pronounced and the warm pads and pulsating bassline add a unique vibe to the bouncy drum grooves as well.



Lilx Brxaker – “Persistence

Canadian producer Lilx Brxaker shares his new beat titled “Persistence“. The track is built on soft trap drums, cinematic pads, and melancholic piano riffs that exude emotional pain and feelings.



Sepalot – “Love Ocean

German producer Sepalot returns to our list with his brand new release titled “Love Ocean”, a mellow and soothing piece made up of warm tones, pulsating basslines, and neat drum grooves.






Ghostnaut – “Mellow Diaries”


Montreal-based producer/instrumentalist Ghostnaut gifts us with this reflective tune titled “Mellow Diaries”. Built on crisp guitar plucks, ethereal pads, soft basslines, and a smooth drum groove to boot, the producer captures the true feeling of upliftment and ease in aural form




Falloutskyy – “Something about you”


German producer Falloutskyy brings us his new beat titled “Something about you”, which is a laid-back and relaxing chill-hop beat, with a smooth and short vocal topline. The multi-layered beat is quite smooth and the use of crisp sound design techniques and arrangement makes for a great listen.


Andrew Potterton – “Afternoon Tea for One”


Andrew Potterton’s “Afternoon Tea for One” blends 90s r&b/hiphop vibes with modern lofi and jazz in the same heartbeat. The keys are lush and play a central role while the vocal samples float seamlessly over the bouncy drum grooves.




Slam53 – “Like This”

Slam53‘s “Like This” was hard to pass up and we just had to share it. The track makes use of nostalgia-inducing strings, pads, and somber textures underpinned by head-nodding boom-bap drums. Perfect beat for storytelling and even melodic performances.


the intern x Frances The Mute ,- “Mountain”

the intern and Frances The Mute , deliver a reflective tune in “Mountain”, a bouncy track laced with dreamy and atmospheric sound design and solid drum grooves.

Chill Space – “Raining Crystals”


“Raining Crystals” by Romanian producer Chill Space is as soft as the ocean breeze. The keys play the central role and the moody pads just come into play at certain parts the use of soft drums also helps in raising the oomph a bit.

Joe Sunrise x Saiko – “Second Chance”

The Netherlands and Austria collide in a good way as producers Joe Sunrise and Saiko gift us with the “Second Chance”. The track is ripe with a neck-snapping drum groove, pulsating basslines, rolling drum fills, jazzy horns, and sublime textures to complete the mission.

Mr. Freed – “Drifting Away”

Mr. Freed‘s “Drifting Away” is a masterclass in jazzy boom-bap. The layered keys and horns are seamlessly interwoven over sublime basslines and head nodding drum grooves. A solid effort no doubt.


Mr. Donsai – “Alone at the Lake”


Chilean producer Mr. Donsai‘s new effort “Alone at the Lake” is as reflective and somber as they come. The soft moody keys and pads work perfectly and are well underpinned by soft drums to match.

sunday museum – “Softly”

South Korean producer Sunday museum lives up to the title of his new release “Softly” which takes elements from jazz, R&B, neo-soul with a dash of hip-hop to boot. The keys are layered and soothing and the drums are bouncy while the bassline is steady and adds a certain oomph to the track.

Thomas Tempest – “Night Tales”

UK producer Thomas Tempest sure knows a thing or two about bounce as he blends smooth jazzy vibes with that good old classic hip-hop bounce in his new tune titled “Night Tales”. From the dusty jazz piano riffs, pulsating basslines, head-nodding boombap drums, and a smooth Biggie Smalls vocal sample, Thomas sure delivers the goods in his own unique way.

Mondo Loops x Snoozegod – “On The Way Home”

Mondo Loops and Snoozegod share this reflective piece titled “On The Way Home” and it’s more than perfect to be on our list. The production is mellow, and soft and exudes elements from soft alternative pop with lofi sensibilities. The low tones, crisp guitar plucks and moody pads really work well together.

L O F I L U V and Tokoname – “Aurora”


The duo of L O F I L U V and Tokoname bring us a somber and reflective vibe with “Aurora”. The laidback grooves, lush keys, and the sparse arrangement really make it ethereal and spacey.

Dojen Mirror – “Glow”


British producer Dojen Mirror stuns us with this blissful atmospheric tune titled “Glow”. The mellow keys and warm and alluring textures really take listeners back to their comfort zone and the slow build-up is brilliant as well.

w/u – “Wet”

w/u thrills us with this genre-bending instrumental titled “Wet”. From the electric guitars, pop stylings, and soothing R&B aesthetics, listeners get quite a dynamic eargasm as the layered instrumentation flow over one another.
This is the 3rd track from his upcoming LP, hyperbolic vibe chamber.

Ogi feel the Beat, Chill Select! – “Hope”

Ogi feel the Beat and renowned label Chill Select! team up for “Hope”, which is the title track for his mini album of the same name. The track sure has a mix of rousing drum breaks with warm and alluring textures that are both nostalgic and relaxing.

Ogi feel the Beat – “Outdoor Mistery”

Ogi feel the Beat gifts us with “Outdoor Mistery”, a new single from his mini album Structures. The track uses soft textures made up of lush keys, soothing pads, and horns layered over bouncy drum breaks.

DovaBeatz – “Soul Snatcher”

Australian producer DovaBeatz caught our ears with “Soul Snatcher”, a dark and eerie track that showcases his unique style. The use of moody strings and eerie pad sure plays into the morbid theme of the song.




Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “Arc”


Johnboybeats & Plon B. help close down this week’s list with “Arc”, a mid-tempo jazzy lofi tune ripe with dusty guitar plucks, dreamy textures, and chilled drum grooves to match.

Five Steez & Son Raw release new single “The General”

Hardworking Jamaican rapper Five Steez is currently working on a collaborative project with Montreal-based producer Son Raw but in the interim, he shares their new single “The General”. The song is bolstered by a cinematic texture and brooding guitar licks laced over military-styled drum fills. Five Steez wastes no time and lets off warning shots as he commands the microphone like the true general that he is and solidifies his stance with the line “Salute me when I enter the room”.
“The General” is the lead single from Five Steez and SOn Raw’s forthcoming collaborative album entitled Re:DEFined.

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Gbeke gives us great memories in “Afro Bells” [Video]

US-based up-and-coming R&B/afrobeat star Gbeke gives us a taste of Christmas in Nigeria as she flips the classic “Jingle Bells” song into her own “Afro Bells”. The track is a happy, fun-filled feel-good jam that shares good memories in Nigeria with her family. From weddings, house parties, concerts, and other types of fun, Gbeke gives listeners a glimpse into her life back in West Africa and it’s all fun and smiles.

The visual is bright and blends her performance scenes with clips and photos from time spent with her friends and family that truly mark and portray the important components of the time of year in Naija.


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Dobey Dobe feels fine after “5 Shots”

Dobey Dobe continues his hot streak with his new release “5 Shots” which shows him in storytelling mode. Over a guitar-laden and bouncy soundscape, he shares a tale of blossoming love and having a good time with the right company. The chorus is memorable and the verses are relatable and show listeners his laidback and fun-filled nature.


Stream “5 Shots” on  Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Instagram, TikTok

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Xersize shows us the “End of Days”

Swedish rap artist Xersize who is currently signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records released his debut eponymous album in 2019, followed by his sophomore album, Välkommen Hem the following year. Using his own personal life experiences to bolster his writing, Xersize delivers heartfelt and poignant lyrics that listeners can relate to on many levels, especially for their sincerity and candid demeanor. His latest release “End of Days” is a somber and melancholic tune that digs deep into his mind and unapologetic thoughts on his artistry and role in the rap scene. Over Robinholta‘s cinematic and dark soundscape, he delivers with such fervor and animated flow that cuts through the mix in a seamless manner. He questions himself and his place in society while leaving an open-ended discussion for listeners to fill the gaps.


Stream “End of Days” on all DSPs here.


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Mark Vasquez and Matt Nye Reassure “Everything’s Good” (Audio)

Mark Vasquez shares his new single titled “Everything’s Good” featuring Matt Nye. The song hits heavy with hard truths spun with positivity. Vocals that exude a blend of soul and blues raise neck hairs and are heightened by an infectious mix of instruments.

It doesn’t matter that he’s broke, as he says “I ain’t tripping.” It doesn’t matter that he’s a bit broken and hopeless because he still makes it through the days. A million dollars wouldn’t alter his mindset, he’ll still have the same problems just with a little more change in his pocket.

Potent rhymes in the middle of the record sum up the ability to find love and fun amid what feels like an endless road of darkness. “Stream “Everything’s Good” above.