Chaz French raises the ante with a “Bang”

DMV-based rapper Chaz French set off on his musical career in 2014 with his debut mixtape Happy Belated followed by his first studio album True Colors on Motown records in 2017. He is presently an independent artist who is preparing to drop his new album but in the interim serves listeners with his latest release titled “Bang”. The track serves as the first of four singles leading to his new body of work titled Finally Free, scheduled for an Autumn release. “Bang” is a hard-hitting authoritative track that showcases Chaz’s fiery lyricism and animated flow that grips listeners from start to finish.

Stream “Bang” on SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Deezer.


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Red Velvet Papi delivers pure alluring vibes in his new single “Sunshine”

Red Velvet Papi gets vulnerable and emotional in his new single “Sunshine” which is an adulation-filled record. Over soulful and bright textures made up of lush keys, soothing basslines, and soft drum grooves, RVP details the beautiful attributes of his lover in the most candid and sincere manner. His special mix of R&B and hip-hop sound is quite engaging as well and gives off a radiant and nostalgic vibe.


Stream “Sunshine” on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack


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Hermitofthewoods on Word is Bond (Episode 529)

Hermitofthewoods is a Hip Hop artist from Nova Scotia that has been putting it down for close to twenty years. But he just did something that possibly no other Canadian has ever done. He made a rap album as a doctoral thesis. And it’s dope!

I talk to him about that and more in episode 529 of Word is Bond Rap Radio. Plus, as always, I start off the show with a mixset of wicked new tunes.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Chase March & Traffimatics – Word is Bond
Conflikt ft Awful P, Donson the Wise, Lu Chin Chen – Pick Your Poison
Buck 65 x Tachichi – Bravo
The 6thLetter ft Daniel Son – Hands Clean
The Meridians – Let Go
Black Sheep x Stu Bangas – Sheep Stu
Tiye Phoenix ft Havoc & Safi – Who We Are
Sol Messiah – Sol Supreme
J.RoB – Shake Up The World
Senor Kaos & Illastrate ft J Scienide – Drawing the Line
Hermitofthewoods – Pure Adrenaline
Hermitofthewoods – The Method
Hermitofthewoods – Round and Round
Hermitofthewoods – Situating

Thanks for listening!

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Milla Thyme and Jonny Tobin team up for “Exaltation”

Milla Thyme‘s latest release “Exaltation” sees him teaming with Vancouver-based, Grammy and Juno nominated keyboardist/producer Jonny Tobin. The result is a sublime and atmospheric piece that is ripe with aspiration and motivation lines from the veteran rapper. Like the title states, it sure brings light and hope to the listeners as we revel in the bright soundscapes and soul-lifting rhymes from Milla.

“Exaltation” is a follow-up single to Milla Thyme’s debut 2021 LP Everything Has Its Thyme.

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Kovey Coles presents the “Fluvanna (Man of the Month)”

Producer/rapper Kovey Coles serves up this heartfelt and reflective single titled “Fluvanna (Man of the Month)”. The self-produced beat is ripe with nostalgic elements and a rousing drum groove that serves as the perfect canvas for Kovey to share some intimate aspects of his childhood and the different experiences in rural Fluvanna County in Virginia that make him tick. The LA-based rapper takes us through the craziness and good times with a candid and heartfelt performance.

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JM takes us deep in the “Middle Of Summer” [Video]

London-based rapper JM shares visuals for his song “Middle Of Summer” which is his second single. The track has a chilled, mellow vibe reminiscent of the warm vibe of the hottest season and blends perfectly with JM’s laidback flow and vivid rhyme schemes. He takes listeners deep into his ends and details the day-to-day activities and then some with evocative lines and a confident cadence to match.

The visual is quite engaging as well and makes use of subtle seamless transitions, stunning visual effects, and some performance shots of JM doing his thing.

JM first came on the scene via K-Star’s Ep Vol.3 “Did You Really” and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Stream “Middle Of Summer” on all DSPs here. 

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Get acquainted with Joe Radio’s new single titled “Call Me Radio”

Emerging rapper Joe Radio caught our ears with his new single “Call Me Radio” which also serves as an introduction to the world. Bolstered by a mellow jazz-infused backdrop, comprised of warm textures, nostalgic horns, and a classic breakbeat, Joe details his attributes and the various things that make him tick.

“Call Me Radio” is the lead single from Joe Radio’s debut album.


Stream “Call Me Radio” on Apple Music, YouTube.

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Queen Millz is pushing through the “Red Light” [Video]

Emerging Leicestershire, UK rapper/singer Queen Millz is not slowing down and returns with the visual for her single “Red Light”. The track is as punchy and alluring as they come with its lush guitar riffs, smooth crunchy drums, and overall bounce while she glides effortlessly over the soundscape. Using a melodic flow and razor-sharp insightful rhyming pattern, Queen Millz proceeds to showcase her prowess to the fullest with a blend of introspection and bravado.

The visual is cinematic and blends sultry performance shots of the Leicester-born act doing what she knows best.

Stream “Red Light” on all DSPs here.


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Zitro is the Living “Nain Rouge” (Album Review)

Zitro is a 33 year old MC from Detroit, Michigan who started making music when he was in the 7th grade. But it wasn’t until February 2020 where he would put out his full-length debut A New Beginning & followed it up last summer with the debut EP Black Diamondz + Long Islandz following a set at the Gathering of the Juggalos, which eventually led the Insane Clown Posse signing him to Psychopathic Records a couple months later as announced in the booklet of the 5th Joker’s Card in the 2nd deck Yum Yum Bedlam. So considering that the Gathering of Dreams is going down this week, it’s only fitting for Zitro to put out a sophomore album.

After the “Who or What is Nain Rogue?” intro, “The Arrival” is a bombastic trap opener threatening his opposition whereas the Bake Lo-assisted “God StatuZ” grimly finds the 2 declaring themselves as Gods. “Monster” shoots for a more demonic aesthetic talking about being a killer, but then “Thuggalo” is a sprightly ode to every single juggalo that grew up in the hood.

Meanwhile on “Becoming a Problem”, we have Zitro over a bell-infused trap beat calling out the haters who wanna be just like him just before “Here to Kill (I Ain’t Trick-R-Treatin’)” is a pop rap cut getting on his serial killer shit. “Look in My EyeZ” is a spacey trap banger talking about seeing the pain inside him just before “Long Dark Road” comes through as a favorite of mine on the album from Godsynth’s production to Zitro’s lyrics deciding whether or not to head into the light.

“Loco (Because of You)” takes a rubberier route talking about how deranged he is prior to Historio coming into the picture for “I’m Good” to chillingly describe the only way for them to cope with their depression is. “With the Tint” has a more cloudier vibe to it talking about everything being black while the keyboard-laced “Wicked Whippin’” with Tierre Diaz to get whatever’s on their minds.

The song “Nightmare Walkin’” with Geno Live & R.U.C.K.I.S.S. sees the trio over a sinister trap instrumental talking about their violent urges while the penultimate track “Move It” follows that up with an off-the-wall club banger. “Who You Want?” however ends the album with a Middle Eastern-influenced jam bringing the Demon out.

Compared to Black Diamondz + Long Islandz & A New Beginning, the amount of creative growth provided throughout Nain Rouge is pretty impressive. I really like how the production happens to be more versatile in terms of overall sound & the whole concept of Zitro being the Demon of the Strait in the living flesh is well-detailed.

Score: 7/10

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