Maez301 – “HASAAN” (Album Review)

This is the sophomore album from Maryland‘s very own Maez301. Setting his foot in the industry a few years ago with his debut mixtape
Nowhere, the project eventually caught the attention of Ervin Pope & Jerome Taylor. Both of whom helped Maez sign with Strange Music in 2018 & just last fall, they put his self-titled debut showcasing versatility. And as the 1 year anniversary of that album approaches in a couple months, Maez & Ervin are back at it again with Hasaan.

The album kicks off with “Thank You”, where Maez talks about living how he wants now over a graceful beat. The next song “Eff U Thought” with Lex Bratcher sees the 2 clapping back at their detractors over a hard trap instrumental while the track “Like It” with E-40 finds both of them charmingly bragging about themselves over a hyphy beat. The song “R.I.P.” with Infinite E sees the 2 talking about women doing them dirty over a slow instrumental while the track “Back in a Minute” flexes over a playful trap beat.

The song “Sick” vents about almost taking his own life over a mellow instrumental while the track “Orange Blood” talks about wanting to be taken back to when life for him was sample over a trap beat from some luscious keyboards. The song “Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)” talks about turning up over a vigorous instrumental while the track “Lately” tells this woman not to fuck with him over a punchy yet somewhat atmospheric beat.

The song “Don’t Go” with Leila is a decent R&B/trap fused duet about heartbreak while the track “She Say” talks about sex over a moody beat. The song “Never Go” talks about a bitch switching on him over a gentle boom bappy instrumental while the track “Stride” talks about a woman running back to him over a nocturnal beat.

The song “20879” with Ducemd & Infinite E sees the 3 boasting over a vibrant instrumental while the track “90047” with Bad Lucc finds the 2 showing the listeners how to get bread over a euphoric beat with a bit of a West Coast feel to it. The song “Destiny” talks about being made for this rap shit over an instrumental cooler than the ocean breeze while the track “Let U Go” is an acoustic ballad about moving on from this woman.

The song “Up” with Infinite E sees the 2 talking about how they’re on top over a glamorous instrumental while the track “Instagram Famous” is pretty much both of them getting back together again to talk about hoes with large social media followings over a plain beat. The closer “Real Real Love” repetitively talks about wanting an actually romantic bond over an unexpected synth-funk instrumental & then the bonus cut “Higher” gives thanks to the higher power over a synthy boom bap beat.

This is just as dope as the self-titled album & it’s another reminder of how talented Maez can be. The lyrics are a lot more personal this time around in comparison to previous efforts & Ervin Pope’s production continues to bring the best out of him.

Score: 7/10

West Haven Blast – Rewind: G Funk (EP)

Preparing for his anticipated 2021 full-length release, West Coast vet West Haven builds excitement in today’s release of his new EP, titled, Rewind: G Funk. A five-song collection that relives the glory days of aggressive street Hip Hop that has personified the West Coast we know and love.

Including breakout songs like “Too Gangsta For Radio” and “Call Me Crazy.” The EP displays some of Haven’s best work yet. “I am the illest. Past, present, and future. “Rewind” is a lyrical microcosm of life on the West Coast. Light work. Razor-sharp lyricism over tracks inspired by various West Coast classics,” he wrote in the press release.

Haven has established a mainstay presence with his history of star-studded collaborations of some of the West Coast finest. And with his collaborations, he has solidified his legitimacy with consistent vintage West Coast raps. Rewind: G Funk is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans, available now on all DSPs via Monster Haven Records.

After the stream, find out more about Haven on Instagram.

Stream Rewind: G Funk now.

T.R.3 – “Another Cold Night” Ft. Gavlyn (Prod. By Ariano) | Official Video

Despite the chaos that 2020 has dropped at our feet, it’s been an active year musically for Atlanta’s T.R.3. After releasing a rock ep, a huge song with Zaya Sosho of The Future Kingz and multiple powerful singles, T.R.3 continues the momentum with regular collaborator and producer Ariano on their new single, “Another Cold Night.” Featuring rising LA hip hop star, Gavlyn, “Another Cold Night” delivers a classic Outkast-style production allowing for Gavlyn and T.R.3 to serve up a warm summer night vibe with effortless flows and an angelic hook that stays in your head.

Stream Single Another Cold Nigh Available Now On Popular Nobody

GF Anon – Canvas of a Radiant Child (LP)

GF Anon is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and engineer from Camden, NJ. Formerly known as Darnell Little, GF decided it was best to make some positive changes in his career and rebrand at the start of 2020. “GF Anon” is actually an acronym that stands for “Graceful and Anonymous.” Embracing the mystique of his rebrand, GF is admittedly an introvert and contrary to most artists, he much rather be in the background.

GF Anon has released two studio albums under his Darnell Little moniker, “BlackaMOOR” (2016) and “Flipped” (2019), prior to sharing his recent, June-released body of work, “Canvas of a Radiant Child” via EMPIRE. Here’s what GF Anon had to say about the 13-track effort.

“That album [CAR] is my favorite because I had a lot of fun working on it and this is the album that I can consider a proper debut album due to this being an album that I always envisioned me making. CAR is my life story.”

Available on all platforms now, “Canvas of a Radiant Child” is an expertly crafted 34-minute project, perfect for lovers of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and lyricism with a purpose. Also be sure to follow GF Anon on social media to stay up-to-date with his moves.

ethemadassassin – “10” Prod. By Twelvebit (Video)

“10” is the 3rd single and video off ethemadassassin’s new project, “Bear Handz 4: Dark Side Of The Mountain.” The hazy, smoked out production from Swedish beatsmith Twelvebit, is the perfect backdrop as E takes listeners on a cryptic but self-reflective journey within his life on the dark side of the streets and shows how a true soldier always stands “10” toes down.